TOWIE Star Lauren Goodger Is Planning Boob And Bum Reduction Surgeries!

Lauren Goodger Is Planning Boob And Bum Reduction

It is not new for celebrities to undergo some treatment to enhance the way they look. Some of them go with weight loss surgeries while others select plastic surgeries to look a certain way.

The same happened with Lauren Goodger when she lost around 4 stone in six months. But after this drastic weight loss, the Essex star and TV personality is planning a few more surgeries. She wants to give herself a natural look as she feels that her body isn’t the way she wants.

Lauren Wants Her Old Look Back!

Lauren Goodger found acclamation more than 10 years ago with The Only Way Is Essex and since then, her looks have drastically changed. She recently swore to go through a body overhaul and then was spotted at a cosmetic surgery clinic.

According to the pictures that recently circulated on social media, Lauren had an appointment in Buckhurst Hill at the Holly Private Hospital. She took a consultation with the hospital surgeon and talked about her makeover. According to the sources, it is confirmed that Lauren Goodger is planning bum and boob reduction.

Lauren Goodger Boob And Bum Reduction
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She has looked into everything carefully and has conducted proper research for the same. The star has already talked to a few surgeons about the procedure and is sure that she wants to reduce her boobs by at least two sizes.

According to the relevant source, Lauren is tired of big breasts and had a different mindset when she got them done earlier. Now she feels that the look is outdated. The actress wants her old look, similar to how she looked when she joined the cast of TOWIE.

She doesn’t think that a big chest suits her body. Although she is following a healthy exercise routine and diet, she wants her boobs to look natural quickly. Lauren Goodger thinks that her boobs are impractical.

The source further said that she is constantly running around her daughter Larose and her boobs cause her discomfort in between these hectic movements.

Lauren Goodger Boob And Bum Reduction
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But that’s not all for the Essex star. She also insists on getting liposuction to make her bum look smaller. Earlier, Laurel used to feel that due to the exercise, her curvy bum looks natural and nice. Her curvy bum has taken a lot of her body weight and as she drops a few pounds, her bum would lose weight as well.

She hoped for this to happen. Despite the continuous speculations, Laurel has never got butt implants and it is all-natural. But if her natural weight loss doesn’t affect the look of her bum, Laurel would go for sculpting and liposuction to reduce the size.

Earlier, Laurel Goodger had talked about her fitness journey in an interview. She said that she doesn’t have a fitness goal in mind but she would want to have a size 10 look with curvy assets.

The star is continuously focusing on her fitness routine and we wish her the best of luck on any path she decides to go on.

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