B.C. To Limit Access To Ozempic To Non-Canadian Citizens Due To High Weight-loss Demand!

B.C. To Limit Access To Ozempic To Non-Canadian Citizens

Ozempic, the hyped weight loss drug has become a headache to the authorities of British Columbia. The social media fanfare of the drug has resulted in a shortage of it for BC residents. New measurements are going to be taken to avoid this condition further. 

To avoid a potential shortage, British Columbian authorities are bringing new regulations to limit access to Ozempic to non-Canadian citizens. The Health Minister, Adrian Dix called the situation critical, where Ozempic is being filled out to American citizens in a large share.

As it can cause an alarming shortage, he is planning to regulate its consumption. Dive into the news to know why BC wants a federal clamp on Ozempic. 

Restriction On The Ozempic Sold To Non-canadians

Adrian Dix, Health Minister to British Columbia on Tuesday said that there should be a restriction on the Ozempic sold to non-Canadian citizens. The current regulation is going to be imposed in the context that the major share of the drugs is being used by Americans.

This is happening because of the hype gained for these drugs through social media platforms such as TikTok. According to Adrian Dix, the majority of these drugs were filled at two major pharmacies in the Metro Vancouver and Nova Scotia sector. The regulation is being implemented to prevent the scarcity of the drug for patients in British Columbia. 

Restriction On The Ozempic Sold To Non-canadians

Ozempic is prescribed for treating type 2 diabetes. The consumption of the drug can balance blood sugar levels and insulin and can improve satiety levels in users. But the hype on this drug started when celebrities such as Elon Musk and others admitted using the drug for weight loss.

This stimulated a trend known as #ozempic for weight loss, which started the off-label prescription of the drug for weight loss. In the context of this illegal popularity, even the manufacturers themselves complained about a shortage of these drugs to their actual users, patients with type 2 diabetes. 

Experts warned that this condition can lead to much worse problems. According to them, Ozempic is not a drug that is intended for weight loss. Apart from scarcity, the usage of the drug has been associated with many side effects. Even many celebrities have come up with the side effects of Ozempic, one among them being, gaining weight back after the drug intake stops.

In the context of these issues, the British Columbia authorities are going to make the laws a bit stricter. They are planning to coordinate with the drug suppliers to ensure that the medication is being delivered to Diabetic patients in British Columbia. The health minister has called the current practice of unhinged usage of Ozempic an “unacceptable situation”.  

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The recent regulatory actions were instigated when data showed that around 15% of Ozempic prescriptions at the start of 2023 were prescribed for Americans. The authorities are planning for a  federal government review under the Food and Drugs Act to address the shortage of Ozempic prescriptions.

According to the minister, he will be asking the British Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons to make sure that the drugs are prescribed for those who need them. They will be asked to make sure it is not filled in a high amount for non-Canadian residents. 

The Health Minister has called this a national problem that can cut across all the 10 provinces. The celebrity hype behind the drug has caused an unusual increase in its off-label prescription for weight loss.

According to him, the time has come when appropriate actions should be taken to deal with this issue at the earliest and in the most effective way possible. 

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