Kobe Bryant’s Wife Vanessa Bryant Weight Gain – What’s The Reason Behind It?

Kobe Bryant's Wife Vanessa Bryant Weight Gain

Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s wife, has come up in conversation after people were taken aback by her weight gain appearance in the all-star game.

How Did Vanessa Bryant Put On A Lot Of Weight?

After Vanessa Bryant appeared to have put on a lot of weight, many fans even conjectured that Kobe Bryant’s wife might be expecting a child.

On May 5, 1982, in Los Angeles, California, Vanessa was born. She was also brought up there. Her modeling career began with appearances in music videos. 

She appeared in music videos for well-known rappers like Krazy Bones and Snoop Dogg alongside other top performers. At the time, Vanessa appeared in Kobe Bryant’s music video as well. 

How Did Vanessa Bryant Put On A Lot Of Weight

Kobe was used to being around Vanessa because, at the time, he was in love with Vanessa Laine. After only six months of dating, they were married since they were clearly meant to be.

Kobe Bean Bryant, a former NBA player, was the husband of Bryant, an American philanthropist, and former model. On April 18, 2001, they got married, and they stayed together until his passing on January 26, 2020. 

She lived with her family in Huntington Beach, California, where she was raised. She is of many different ethnicities, including English, German, Irish, and Mexican. She appeared in music videos alongside Snoop Dogg, Tyrese, Ludacris, Pharrell, and numerous more well-known musicians.

Her father relocated to the Baja California region of Mexico. Her mother was a delivery assistant at a hardware store. Her mother wed Stephen Laine in 1990. He was employed by the same electronics company as center management.

In 2007, Bryant and her husband launched the VIVO Foundation which was later renamed the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Foundation.

It is a nonprofit organization that promotes broadening youths’ perspectives on the world. It offers scholarships to young people around the world, including minority college students. 

The Make-A-Wish Foundation and the charity have worked together. Bryant and her husband gave to the National Museum of African American History and Culture as founding members. 

Maria Jimenez, Bryant’s cleaner, filed a lawsuit against her in 2009 on the grounds that she had been verbally mistreated and degraded while working at their Newport Coast home.

In response, Jimenez was sued by Bryant for violating a confidentiality agreement. Bryant refuted those accusations.

Bryant renamed her husband’s Mamba Sports Foundation the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation in 2020 after the deaths of her spouse and second-oldest daughter. It aids underprivileged young athletes. 

Bryant introduced the Mambacita apparel line in May 2021 in memory of her daughter Gianna.

All sales from the range benefit the Mambacita Sports Foundation and are in collaboration with the female-owned company Dannijo. Bryant served as Granity Studios’ president and chief executive officer.

Bryant collaborated with Baby2Baby to help poor moms and children. She won a charity award at the Baby2Baby 10-year gala in November 2021.

Vanessa thanked NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the league for honoring her late husband with a trophy. The trophy will be given to the All-Star Game MVP each year.

Vanessa Bryant appears to have gained a substantial amount of weight and her appearance has changed. Fans voiced their displeasure about it on social media sites like Twitter. However, some people have criticized her weight increase and body-shamed her.

Vanessa Bryant was in Cleveland for the NBA All-Star Game to give the Kobe and Gigi Bryant WNBA Advocacy Award when trolls made comments about her weight.

The late NBA icon’s widow was spotted wearing a long black coat with a sweater top, slacks, and pointed-toe boots. She maintained her open parting.

As the medals were presented at the annual event, the 39-year-old posed on the floor with veteran player Chris Paul, his daughter Cameron, 9, and WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert, 58.

For his “major contributions to the promotion of girls and women’s basketball and advocacy for the WNBA,” the 12-time All-Star was allegedly given the award.

Fans Believe That Vanessa Bryant Is Pregnant

Bryant’s followers find it disgusting and horrible when people make weight-related remarks. She lost her husband, her daughter, and the family dog just recently in the year 2020. She might be experiencing a trying time in her personal life. 

People said it was incredibly unfair that attention was diverted from the WNBA advocacy award given in honor of Kobe and Gigi to Vanessa’s weight and appearance.

Fans Believe That Vanessa Bryant Is Pregnant

Although the message is apparent, we want to make it even more so. What we should be concentrating on is the work Vanessa Bryant is doing to advance a sport that means so much to her family while giving opportunities to kids who might not have been able to practice it without her advocacy. 

Vanessa Bryant and her body are her own business, not ours. Women should only be assessed by their behavior; they should not be defined by their physical appearance. Social media frequently places a premium on appearance and makes it simple to post offensive comments about other people. 

The overarching theme is frequently to seek out the ideal figure and look for methods of concealing your imperfections. Your body image may be significantly impacted by this.

Cyberbullying is tied to body shaming on digital platforms, however, there are strategies to combat this behavior, get past the suffering it causes, and regain your sense of worth.

Remarks regarding what you eat or how much food you consume, even in jest, are considered body shaming. Whether on purpose or not, offering someone dietary advice or praising weight loss is also regarded as body shaming.

Even if your friends and family members frequently don’t mean to offend you, their remarks can nonetheless be harsh. They might not be aware of the detrimental impact of inquiries like “Have you lost weight?” or “Do you really need to eat all that?

Despite the fact that prima ballerinas and supermodels also have flaws and fears, we nevertheless have a tendency to view them as the pinnacle of beauty. You can feel inadequate and unworthy if you don’t live up to these expectations.

It can also result in unhealthy habits and mental health issues if you experience body shaming from others and take their critical remarks to heart.

Our culture is very visual and obsessed with the idea of the “ideal body,” as it is presented in media like movies, television, online, magazines, etc. People are viewed as “less than,” “not lovely,” or “not deserving” if they don’t fit the social norm.

However, did you know that only about 5% of women naturally have the body type that Americans are typically depicted as having in the media? People, those are some terrible numbers!

Even within our own community, there is still much work to be done in the body-positivity and self-love movements despite their remarkable growth. Even while we receive more loving and encouraging comments on our social media posts than critical and shameful ones, one body-shaming incident is too many.

 Let’s be clear: there are multiple. Comments claiming that the ladies are shown on our website and social media platforms are too thin, too big, too small, or any combination thereof, are common.

Giving an award in honor of a loved one who has passed away is definitely bittersweet, but there is some solace in knowing that you are doing your part to ensure that their legacy endures.

Vanessa Bryant’s Bio

Vanessa spent most of her early years in Huntington Beach, California, with her family. She hails from Mexican, German, English, and Irish ancestry, making her heritage mixed. She has appeared in several music videos for artists including Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, Tyrese, and Ludacris. She has been in numerous ads as well.

Although many fans believe Vanessa Bryant’s weight gain is related to pregnancy, she is not pregnant. Natalia, Bianka, and Capri are all raised by their mom as an only child. 

Vanessa Bryant And Daughter Natalia Diamante

Kobe and Bryant have four kids together. On January 19, 2003, their daughter Natalia Diamante was born. In 2005, she miscarried as a result of an ectopic pregnancy. Gianna Maria-Onore, their second child, was born on May 1st, 2006.

Third daughter Bianka Bella and fourth child Capri were welcomed into the world in 2016 and 2019, respectively. Gianna and Kobe perished in a helicopter collision on January 26, 2020.

The estimated net worth of Vanessa Bryant is $600 million. Her late husband Kobe Bryant’s professional basketball career accounts for the majority of her net fortune. 

Vanessa was employed by her high school as a model. Her three daughters have been her primary focus as of late. Before she married basketball great Kobe Bryant, she went by the name Vanessa Laine.

Recently, Vanessa Bryant seems to be in excellent physical shape. She updates her admirers and followers on her personal life and well-being via Instagram. 

Bryant took three of her girls on a family vacation to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Even posting photographs of herself with them on social media.

Gianna Maria Bryant, who died together with her father in the tragic helicopter crash, was just 14 years old. She loved basketball, just like her father.

They were heading to one of Gianna’s games when the incident took place. At the time of the accident, Gianna’s father and coworkers were also preparing the helicopter.

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