AI Platforms Create Unrealistic Body Images: Sports Brand Calls Out!

AI Platforms Create Unrealistic Body Images

Artificial Intelligence is a point of discussion everywhere. With the arrival of ChatGPT, the talks have become more frequent and wide. At this point, one thing can be sure. AI will rule the future. 

In these revolutionary times, one needs to have sharp observation skills to differentiate between the good and bad sides of artificial intelligence. And that is what the acclaimed sports brand, ASICS has been doing now.

This sports brand is calling out the unrealistic body standards created by AI platforms. Read on to know more about how ASICS is planning to incorporate a body-positive aspect using artificial intelligence!

How The Sports Brand Challenges The Images Created By AI?

ASICS, a Japanese-born sports brand is redefining the aesthetics created by artificial intelligence in generating images related to exercise. The brand is calling out AI platforms that create unrealistic body images.

According to them, AI tools such as Midjourney generate images that are unrealistic and beyond normal standards. On being asked the tool to create images of a healthy person, it generally produces a perfect image. The people in these images are with zero body fat, sharpened jaws, and 12-pack abs. 

ASCIS claims that such images can create an altered image in the minds of people regarding the benefits of exercise. For the sports brand, the crucial benefit of doing exercise is mental health uplift. But what these images show is otherwise.

Source: SWNS

They provide a false idea that exercise can make perfect figures like this. But in reality, the changes and benefits can vary from person to person and most of the time, the real results will be an upgrade in mental health.

As a response to this, ASICS has launched an AI training program. Through this program, the brand intends to create some real images of people who enjoy doing exercise for the feeling of it and not for the aesthetics.

The sports brand aims to create more inclusive images that can be connected with reality. The intention behind this approach is to provide the real picture of exercise to the people. According to Gary Raucher of ASICS EMEA, they have always believed in the benefit of exercise, not just on a physical level but also on a mental level. 

The research team from ASICS has found that AI-generated images of healthy people create an unrealistic stereotype among people. According to the research, 72% of the people believed that these pictures were far from reality.

The main concern from the study was that these perfect images can lead others to develop worries regarding their bodies. Also around, 19% of the people in the study believed that one should take non-natural supplements to have such a body. And 40% thought that only cosmetic surgery will be able to provide such bodies. 

The research also analyzed some emotional responses to these images. Around 17% of the people expressed that these pictures made them feel “unfit” and 12% claimed they felt “inferior” after seeing them.

Another 12% said they had feelings of being “unattractive” and 11% of people claimed feeling “insecure” after seeing these images. It is in this context, the company has decided to change the current AI algorithm for creating such images. The intention is to train AI to generate more inclusive images that have a connection with reality. 

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