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Phil Mickelson Stuns Everyone With His Latest Weight Loss Transformation!

Phil Mickelson Latest Weight Loss Transformation!

Phil Mickelson has again made the world gasp. But this time not with anything official to do with his games. Instead, the champion has made the world astounded by his recent weight loss transformations.

At this stage, you surely want to know more details regarding this surprising piece of information! Then dive right into this news and find out why the world is breath taken by the amazing transformation of Phil Mickelson!

Recent Weight Loss Of Phil Mickelson

The 45-time PGA Tour winner and six-time major winner of the Golf tournaments, Philip Mickelson has again become the title of the news headlines for his recent weight loss. Called a ‘Lefty’ among the Golf circles, Philip Alfred Mickelson is one of the oldest major championship winners in Golf history. Being one of the most esteemed presences ever inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2012, Mickelson is always an inspiration for younger generations. His talent and fame inspire those who want to build their professional status in Golf.

But the recent photos of this legend indicate that not only he can be modeled after for his professional skills in Golf, but also, he can be set as an ideal example for weight loss! The recent physical transformation of the Golf star was noticed while he was speaking to the media ahead of the PIF Saudi International at Royal Greens Golf & Country Club.

Phil Mickelson Weight Loss

The 52-year-old sports star had lost weight and his pictures became an instant hit on social media. A viral photo of him that was posted on Tuesday became a surprise for Golf fans all over the world.  In an interview with Sports Illustrated on Monday more details regarding his stunning weight loss were revealed. According to the Golf veteran, he had reached the same weight he had when he was at college. In the Interview with Bob Harig, Phil Mickelson revealed some more details regarding his amazing transformation.

Mickelson was last seen at the LIV Golf Team Championship at Trump National Doral last October, where he couldn’t perform at his best. Along with this, certain controversies surrounded him on some comments he made regarding LIV Golf and PGA Tour. Even after his association with LIV Golf, he couldn’t execute well in the tournaments that were conducted last year. In the Interview given to Sports Illustrated, Mickelson shared his optimism toward the new year by revealing that he has been practicing well for the coming tournaments.

What Phil Mickelson Has To Say About This?

On questions related to his weight loss, Phil Mickelson disclosed that he had lost approximately 20-plus pounds and it had helped him to regain his energy. Mickelson had to spend four months away from the game after his controversial comments about LIV Golf became public. After his self-imposed hiatus, the Golf legend is planning to return to his games with reenergized strength and hopes for his future. Regarding his weight loss, the de-facto leader of the LIV Golf League expressed that he feels more energy now. The weight loss has made him recover faster after each game and it has enhanced his focus and perseverance.

According to him, he has new hopes and plans for this year. More than focusing on the number of tournaments to play, he is now attentive to increasing his quality and performance for each game. In the Interview, the sports legend can be seen expressing his aspirations for a better year. For this purpose, he has consciously changed his practicing styles and eating habits. That is what is also evident from his weight loss which can be deduced as one of the strategies of the God Father of the Golf championships.

Phil Mickelson About His Weight Loss

The current uproar on the weight loss of Phil Mickelson sparked when Dan Rapaport of Barstool Sports posted a picture of him on Twitter. According to Rapaport, Mickelson looks like an entirely different person. Many have commented similarly on this shocking picture of him. They have shared their surprise and admiration for his weight loss. Even some of these comments are so creative. One of them compares the weight loss of Mickelson to that of Christian Bale in the Machinist. But not all of those comments are positive and supportive. A few among them have put some unmannerly concerns over his health while doubting whether he is okay.  

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The Golf king is unshakable even among the mixed responses to his recent appearance. According to him, it is by conscious changes made to his lifestyle he could achieve the current weight loss. From the information he had shared with some sources, the Golf icon has been apparently under some weight loss programs. This included fasting and a healthy diet. Amidst the setbacks he had to face in the last year, Phil Mickelson is on rigorous preparations to regain back his esteem in Golf. In future games, we can expect the stupendous performance of the Golf genius which is signaled by his weight loss journey. 

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