McDonald’s Is Standing By The Latest Cardi B & Offset Meal

McDonald’s Is Standing By The Latest Cardi B & Offset Meal

The 2023 Super Ad featuring Cardi B and Offset over a McDonald’s meal has spurred criticism from some of its franchises. These backlashes were raised on the grounds of company code violations. Being one of the largest fast-food chains in the world, McDonald’s seems to be in a tough position with its franchises.

The rapper couple’s image is the reason behind this difference in opinion. These franchises are worried that it might harm the brand. McDonald’s has addressed this recent backlash with an appropriate response.

Mcdonald’s Response To The Meal Controversy

The new Cardi B and Offset Meal from McDonald’s face criticism for violating the “Golden Arches Code”. Some franchises are alleging that ‌celebrity collaboration can harm the name of the company.

The latest ad, which features Cardi B and Offset, led to criticism. The ad came out on Valentine’s Day. It features the couples enjoying a lavish McDonald’s meal together. 

This advertisement has created some clashes among franchise owners. Both Cardi B and Offset are known for their profane and sexual content across media. The franchises are worried that their image might be harmful to the family-friendly brand. 

Mcdonald's Response To Cardi B & Offset Meal Controversy

The Golden Arches Code details some basic codes for the McDonald’s family. According to it,  celebrity partnerships can be threatening to the name of their brand. As ‌positions taken by many celebrities can come as a threat later, the code limits such associations.

But these franchise owners are unclear about the specificities of their criticism. They haven’t revealed which positions made by Cardi B and Offset could be threatening to the company. 

The Golden Arches Code does not allow ‌music partnerships with content with offensive language. But ‌previous associations of McDonald’s with some celebrities raise suspicion in this regard. They have been associated with BTS, who used some curse words in their songs.

They also had been connected with J. Balvin, who explored controversial and explicit themes in his video. And even Rick and Morty, the famed cartoon show that includes explicit adult jokes. So all these previous associations with McDonald’s violate their basic code.

Amid all these criticisms, McDonald’s hasn’t agreed to bend to the pressure. They are stern on the decision to collaborate with the rapper couple who have been married since 2017. According to the customer experience officer for McDonald’s USA, Tariq Hassan, artist collaborations have always helped the company to add significant business momentum.

These partners themselves are the real fans of the brand and that authenticity is the secret ingredient behind all this marketing. 

According to McDonald’s, the current criticism is raised by a minority of groups. It cannot overshadow the wide support and business promotion across the United States. All ‌past partnerships with the brand show success rates.

In 2020, McDonald’s had been associated with Travis Scott and the business got boosted. The collaboration with the K-Pop group BTS further enhanced their growth. 

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