A Canadian Mom Includes Crickets In Her Baby’s Diet To Cut Expenses!

Canadian Mom Includes Crickets In Her Baby's Diet

Food and dietary habits can be different in different places. Some people follow veganism and others eat insects for nutrition. Well, both kinds of people co-exist in this world. But have you heard of a mom who feeds her toddler with crickets to reduce expenses?

Yes, that is not some movie storyline, but real news. A woman from Canada has claimed that she feeds her baby crickets. Dive into the news to find out more about these bizarre food habits imposed by a Canadian mom on her toddler!

“My Baby Loves Eating Crickets”: Tiffany Leigh

Strange things happen in the world. In recent news, such a strange thing came from all around Canada. In a story shared with Insider, food writer and mom, Tiffany Leigh claimed that she feeds her toddler with crickets.

The story reveals in detail the weird food habits followed by this author and her toddler. According to Leigh, she loves to experiment with foods including entomophagy. Entomophagy is a term that denotes eating insects.

Canadian Mom Includes Crickets In Her Baby's Diet

Leigh claims that she has eaten crickets and ants while traveling in countries like Thailand and Vietnam. Inspired by this, she decided to incorporate crickets into the meal of her 18-month-old baby.

But Leigh honestly admitted that it is not merely the desire to experiment that motivated her to do this. But also, wanted to cut down the grocery bill of her family. According to Leigh, with a baby, the family’s food costs have spiked around $250 to $300 a week.

That is when she decided to include Cricket Puff snacks, Whole Roasted Crickets, and Cricket Protein Powder from Entomo Farms. Leigh claims that replacing these insects with expensive proteins like chicken, beef, and pork has helped her to cut down the expenses by around $150 to $200 per week.

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What Dieticians Have To Say About This?

Some dieticians have come up in support of this weird food habits of Leigh. Venus Kalami, a certified nutritionist, and dietician from Solid Starts opine that preferences around food start to form in early childhood. So making them try various kinds of foods as early as possible can be easier to help them to get familiar with them.

According to Kalami, crickets are full of protein and babies can benefit from eating them. She suggests that you can add grounded crickets to warm porridges or mashed foods. Kalami adds that insects such as crickets are packed with key nutrients such as proteins, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.

Dieticians about including crickets in diet

And these nutrients might help support cognitive development and prevent anemia in babies. It can also improve their immune functions and aid in their taste perception.

For the outer world, the food habits of Leigh and her baby can be a bit scary and controversial. But Leigh says that her toddler likes to eat crickets hidden in other foods. Some of her toddler’s favorite foods are cricket cheese puffs which somewhat look like Cheetos.

And for Leigh, these are less salty and more nutritious compared to Cheetos. It seems Leigh is not hesitant to expand her experiments. She says in the next stage she will be adding more insects into their diets, including ants, worms, and grasshoppers. Well, what can we say? Mind trying the Leigh diet for yourself? Try and let us know your experience in the comments! 

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