Sunrise’s Sam Mac Astonishes His Fans With His 8-week Body Transformation!

Sam Mac 8-week Body Transformation

Guess who is raising the temperature on Instagram? It is none other than Sam Mac, the Sunrise weather presenter. He has shared a shirtless picture on his Instagram handle and fans can’t suppress their admiration for his body.

The 42-year-old had lost quite a bit of weight and can be seen in a more muscular figure. He has credited his body change to a “special project” that he has been undertaking for the past 8-weeks. Slide into the news to know more about the amazing body transformation of Sam Mac.

Sam Mac’s Ripped Body Is For A “Special Project”

Sam Mac, the Sunrise weather presenter has astonished all his fans by showing his ripped body on Instagram. His incredible body transformation created awe among his followers. The 42-year-old shared a photo of his shirtless body that appeared on the cover of Men’s Health, Australia.

He captioned the post by saying the body resulted from a “special project” he has been working on for the past 2 months. Many of his followers have congratulated him on this new body change calling it “truly inspirational”. His wife, Rebecca James, a professional stylist, also commented on the photo by saying “HUBBA HUBBA” and sharing fire and heart eye emojis. 

Sam Mac's Ripped Body Is For A Special Project
Sam Mac Instagram

Fans and followers of Mac have put several comments under this photo. Some called him inspirational while others congratulated his hard work. Many complimented his dad body and called him looking hot.

Anyway, Sam can be seen jokingly captioning the Instagram post by saying, have a taste of #DaddyMac. He added that he was super excited to share the complete story behind this secret weight loss with his fans. He thanked his trainers and dietitians who helped him to shed the pounds in the post.

The weather presenter thanked celebrity trainer Jono Castano, who worked along with him on this project. Mac trained under him at the Acero gym and lost weight in 8 weeks. According to the anchor, he spent at least 75 minutes on daily workouts which involved weight training, circuit sessions, and cardio exercises.

He had a midriff belly before the weight loss, and he confronted the gut right before starting his secret project. Mac was not obese or overweight but he had this annoying belly fat. That is what motivated him to start the workout and stay in shape.

Regarding his weight loss schedule, Sam Mac revealed that he hit the Acero gym in Sydney and underwent some regular training. Along with these, he also tried to hit 20,000 steps a day. He was suggested to change his diet as part of his weight loss.

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For this, he had to cut down his weakness, which was the naan bread. Also, he chose to eat clean and stayed on a high-protein diet. Mac was able to clock in around 9200 kJ daily and ate a lot of vegetables and fruits as part of his diet.

Following this diet and fitness made certain changes in his body. He got much leaner in his face and his shirts were not fitting anymore. When he looked much baggier in his pants, he felt the consolation that his hard work was making him reach the goal.

Sam Mac opened up that workout could do better things for his mind as well. It filled his body with endorphins. Along with that, he cut down on alcohol, sugars, and carbs which eventually made him physically and mentally lighter.

Even though being a busy dad and anchor is a bit hectic and can be difficult for him to stay in shape, he didn’t lose the motivation to be on the track.

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