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Dietary Changes Can Add Years To Your Life

We have been reading and knowing that we should ditch junk food for a healthy diet, but we are still stuck on fast food. Here this article might motivate you enough to adopt healthy eating habits when you would get to know that some dietary changes can give some extra years to your life.

Yes, you only have to make some changes in your daily meals, and you would get ten years more to your lifespan. Excited and ready to do that, read further to know those dietary changes and what the study authors say about them.

Study Says: Dietary Changes Can Add Years To Your Life 

A new study conducted by Lars Fadnes and colleagues of the University of Bergen, Norway, documented that a person can increase their lifespan by changing one’s diet. A young adult man can add thirteen years to his life, while a young adult woman can increase her life expectancy by ten years.

And about the older people, according to the research, a 60-year-old female could still increase their lifespan by eight years, and a male can extend their lifespan by nine years. Even an 80-year-old could live three years longer. The study says that by adopting healthy food choices, older people can gain substantial life expectancy but shorter. 

The study author wrote that even the feasibility approach diet indicates increased life expectancy by 7% or more for both sexes across all age groups. 

Researchers used the data from the Global Burden of Disease study of 2019 to list the food items which affect life expectancy. They used the life table methodology and stated some beneficial dietary changes. 

life expectancy and diet

>> First, the study authors advised changing the western diet to a more optimized diet. Second, they suggested consuming more legumes and wholegrain as consuming them showed the largest gain in years of lifespan.

>> Along with whole grains, intaking more fruits, vegetables, and a handful of nuts is also recommended for an optimal diet.

>> Third, the foods to be avoided are red and processed meats, sugar-sweetened beverages, and refined grains, as they are associated with many life-threatening effects on health. 

Sodium, sugar, fat, flavor enhancers, and thickeners found in highly processed foods increase weight, the risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses. Red meat and especially processed meat is linked to premature death. 

The scientists have developed an app named Food4HealthyLife to help people to understand the impact of their health choices by selecting a feasible or optimal approach. 

The study Leader, Lars Fadnes, remarked that understanding the relative health potential of different food groups could enable people to make feasible and significant health gains. He continued that the Food4HealthyLife calculator could be a useful tool for clinicians, policymakers, and laypeople to understand the health impact of dietary choices.

“Research until now has shown health benefits associated with separate food groups or specific diet patterns but given limited information on the health impact of other diet changes. Our modeling methodology has bridged this gap,” he adds. 

After reading the above article and understanding what the study author says, we now clearly know how our eating choices are going to have an effect on our lives. So, living longer is now in our hands by adopting healthy eating habits.

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