Matt Lucas Weight Loss: Reason Behind His Sudden Transformation!

Matt Lucas Weight Loss

Matthew Lucas is an evergreen English actor and comedian. Since his latest series took a hit, Matt’s fans have been curious about one thing. How did he lose so much weight and what’s the reason behind his sudden transformation?

His release of The Great British Bake Off last September left his fans with a huge shock of seeing a huge transformation in his appearance. As many people have started becoming curious, Matt himself confided that he has lost significant weight and explained how he decided to change his form and lose his weight at a rapid pace. Read on to know more about the weight loss journey of Matt Lucas.

Why Matt Lucas Has Lost weight?

In one of his interviews with Gabby Logan, Matt stated although he is not skinny he has lost almost thrice his weight which made him pick medium clothes instead of XXXL. Similar to everyone, the pandemic and the lockdown have passed a significant addition of weight on Matt and this pushed him to take a look at the average lifespan of his family.

Matt Lucas Has Lost weight

Matt stated that he is currently 48 years of age and his grandfather had a lifespan of only 56 years. Also, his father was only 52 when he died. This made him take a look at his lifestyle and make some necessary changes to remain healthy.

In the Midpoint Podcast Matt stated the sudden death of his father and the early death of his grandfather was one of the main reasons he wanted to lose weight and stay healthy and happy without any additional health issues. 

With the pandemic Matt has started binging on roast potatoes and combined with the inactive lifestyle and lack of possibility to go outdoors. Matt’s weight began increasing unless his clothes no longer fit him and every day he started gaining additional pounds that made him bigger.

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Matt Lucas Weight Loss Routine

Although taking a decision to lose weight and setting weight loss goals is pretty easy, following it through and being consistent is not easy. That is one of the main reasons Matt Lucas Kept his weight loss routine simple.

His routine consisted of only two steps, walking more and ending his bad habits by having a crisp and clear simple routine, Matt has made his weight loss journey a success. 

He explained how he started taking active participation in his life and got rid of the lazy habits that made him sit in front of the couch for long hours. Matt upped his exercise routine by starting a simple procedure, walking.

He told how he enjoys walking and how happy he made to walk to the canal that is located near him, especially on a good weather day.

Matt Lucas Diet Tips

Matt stated he does not believe in cutting down on food and only focussed on avoiding binge eating rather than avoiding food as a whole.

He followed mindful eating as his mantra instead of restricted foods. Many times you break your diet within 3-4 days because you deny your body of sweets, oil, and other fatty foods after years of training your body with the consumption of these foods.

So naturally, after 3-4 days, your body starts craving fatty foods and it becomes difficult for you to maintain your diet. You end up eating more than normal leading to additional weight gain. Matt was aware of this and instead of denying his body his ever-favorite sweets, he started cutting down the quantity of consumption.

Matt has stated apart from binging ok roast potatoes and his favorite sweets, he does not indulge in any other health-harming activities and stated he neither drinks nor smokes and it’s the food component that is solely responsible for his increasing weight.

Why Matt Lucas’s Weight Loss Journey Is An Inspiration?

In a talk with Lorraine Kelly, Matt Lucas stated he focused on getting fitter and remaining healthy instead of obsessing over weight loss and this played a major role in his weight loss journey.  He told Lorraine Kelly how he has planned to exercise more frequently in the upcoming days and become fit in the next couple of months.

Today everyone around the world is reading about the GBBO Star’s consistency as he goes on regular walks without any procrastination and is mind blown by his transformation. Matt said the pandemic made him obese to the extent that he no longer fit on the Television screen.

This made him realize how unhealthy he has been looking at the law of average in terms of lifespan in his family and it’s high time he took active participation in his life and monitor his food habits and shed those extra and unhealthy pounds.

Social media is filled with before and after transformation images of Matt with people showering positive comments on his weight loss journey and asking Matt about how he maintained his consistency and what was his routine.

Matt said although he is not a skinny Minnie now and he still has a Tum, he is far away from where he was in the beginning and each day he focuses on becoming healthy is a win for him. 

Matt says although his family history inspired the weight loss decision in him, he is not worried about aging as he is becoming mature enough not to appease people constantly. And as he ages, he has started prioritizing what is important in his life without worrying about every next step he takes.

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Matt Lucas's Weight Loss Journey

Although hearing Matt Lucas’s family history of early deaths and his health fears are heartbreaking to hear, Matt Lucas has decided to not let the same history affect him and is doing everything in his power to avoid the same.

By making two simple changes in his lifestyle consciously by walking more and eating less and mindfully Matt has experienced a huge transformation in his weight and health in a relatively shorter period, making people more concerned about his health on the one hand, including the same as part of their life on the other to achieve similar results.

Matt experienced a noteworthy transformation that made people happy. But for some people, when they saw his transformation for the first time, they were hell-bent on worrying about whether his health is deteriorating.

Matt says he is feeling better and relieved because of his transformation and it is because, in addition to shedding the unhealthy extra pounds, he has taken active participation in altering his lifestyle and has taken step number one towards leading a healthy and long life.

Final Take

The decision to lose weight is a mental game and it is important to tackle it logically to remain fit in the long run. Weight loss is more about remaining healthy and happy instead of losing a few extra pounds and by maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Mindful eating and being active should be a part of your daily lifestyle if you plan on remaining fit in the long run while not denying your body any of its favorite foods. Matt Lucas’s weight loss journey is a live testament to what happens when you are consistent in what you are doing.

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