Ron Desantis Weight Loss: Reveals His Healthy Regime To Look Fit And Fine!

Ron Desantis Weight Loss

Ron Desantis is the governor of Florida who has been serving office since 2019. Apart from handling the office, it seems like the politician is taking care of himself pretty well. When he was seen recently, he looked trimmer and fitter as compared to 2022.

Because of his weight loss, Rob Desanti became a target of the media that claimed that he was taking Ozempic – the recently trending weight loss drug.

Ozempic Isn’t The Reason Behind Weight Loss

This former military veteran and athlete took a resolution on New Year for hopping on a positive health journey and getting back into shape. He started with a healthy regime that supposedly has no desserts or carbohydrates.

Talking about the same in public, Ron Desantis said that the biggest problem is sugar. If you consume sugar continuously, your body burns it instead of fat. But if don’t consume it then your body starts focusing on burning fat. Even if someone eats somewhat decently and works out every day, this would be good enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ron Desantis Weight Loss Secret

It seems like the current governor is all set to shape up to run for the presidency. The elections would be held in 2024 and he is going back to his former “fit” self to compete. When his images of weight loss came out, people were shocked!

The governor of Florida wasn’t only accused of taking Ozempic but also of eating a chocolate pudding on a flight. According to the reports, Ron Desantis was eating the pudding with three fingers and looked like a gluttonous monster.

When asked about the same, Ron laughed and said that he doesn’t remember doing this kind of thing. Maybe it might have happened when he was a kid. The governor found it interesting that there are many people who try to take a dig at you and when they do so, they have great aims. They talk about how you are a crook and did all that. But talking about having a pudding, Ron said is this the best those people have got? So, they can bring it on and he’ll see.

Ozempic is a diabetic-related weight loss drug that has been getting plenty of limelight recently. There is still a debate about whether this drug is good for your health or not. Many people are taking it for weight loss and whether Ozempic would change the way people think about being thin is still unclear.

Apart from the news of Ron DeSantis’ weight loss, there is also a huge political dig fight going on between him and Donald Trump. They have been taking jibes at each other and there is plenty of political drama going on.

Recently when Ron was asked about the nicknames he would give Donald Trump, the Florida governor said that he likes Ron DeSanctimonious for Trump. Discussing it, Ron said that he doesn’t know how to spell the word or what it means but he likes the sound of it.

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