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Kyle Richards Denied Using Ozempic: “Never Used The Drug”

Kyle Richards Denied Using Ozempic

On the grounds of Ozempic being exposed as one of the most sought-after secret weight loss pills in Hollywood, Kyle Richards has openly lashed out against the comments that suspect her recent weight loss is associated with the popular drug.

Kyle openly rejected the claim and stated that she is not using any kind of drug to aid in weight loss. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s sensational bikini selfie and comments alleging Ozempic use have sparked the Internet’s attention.

Who is Kyle Richards?

Kyle Richards or Kyle Egan Richards Umansky is a well-known television personality famed for her role in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is an American actress and a known philanthropist too. Kyle started her film and television career at a young age itself. Her first role was in the television series named Police Woman which was released in 1974 where she played the character Julia. Her notable role as a child artist was in the historical drama series Little House on the Prairie which was aired by NBC.

Kyle Richards
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Kyle started her film career in the supernatural horror genre, The Watcher in the Woods. Other major films where she played some crucial roles include Halloween, Once Upon a Family, Halloween Kills, Halloween Ends, etc.  Apart from Television and movie acting, she also finds time for fashion ventures and philanthropic activities.

Kyle Richards denies using Ozempic for weight loss

Kyle Richards shared a bikini mirror selfie on her Instagram handle on Sunday where she can be seen showing off her abs in the washroom mirror in a sporty black two-piece swimsuit. Followed by that, Page Six shared a post about her where one of the commentators asked her whether she is using Ozempic for weight loss.

The 54-year-old actress responded to that question by saying she is not taking Ozempic and she has never used that medication to aid weight loss.  Another comment under the same post alleged that the recent weight loss might be due to some plastic surgery Kyle had done. She responded to this comment by saying that she hasn’t done any kind of surgery except a breast reduction which she did in May.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star lashed out in her comment that she is honest about anything she does. If she has done plastic surgery she would openly admit it. According to Kyle, if the person gets some kind of comfort in alleging that her current fitness secret is Ozempic, that person can think like that. For Kyle, it is from the extensive workouts and dietary changes she had created this amazing body transformation. After having kids, her body and health deteriorated much and she had to struggle a lot to get her fitness back.

The current insinuation against Kyle has happened because Ozempic is becoming the secret weight loss drug of Hollywood.

Prescribed as an antidiabetic, the drug was later started to be used for off-label purposes to aid in weight loss. The recent hype started when TikTok popularized the drug through certain campaigns and celebrities. Anyway, doctors and health care advocates are pointing out the negative implications of the current trend as it is resulting in a massive shortage of Ozempic for diabetic patients.

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