Kim Gravel Weight Loss: How She Shed Pounds And Found Confidence?

Kim Gravel Weight Loss

Weight loss might be a piece of cake for men but for women, it isn’t as easy as it seems. This may be also due to the fact that their hormones are pretty volatile and might lead to an increase in weight they probably had never dreamed of. When you are a celebrity, you and your life are constantly under the microscope.

Not just that, you are expected to be all prim and proper, untouchable by the elements of the Earth. That is seldom possible yet there are some stars who have made remarkable comebacks with their resilience and strength. This blog will be talking about Kim Gravel and her journey toward weight loss. It will also discuss the ways she adopted to make a significant difference in her weight and maybe you could try your hands at some too.

Who Is Kim Gravel?

Although popular as a TV host she is an author, life coach, entrepreneur, and many things a few of us can only dream of. She began her career by being crowned Miss Georgia and from there there was no looking back.

Apart from hosting many shows, she is also the owner of the fashion brand “Belle” which is pretty popular among the public. Her “Kim of Queens” docuseries is considered a classic and is still streamed by millions. Her book,  “Collecting Confidence” is directed to all those who need the extra push in their lives.

How Did Kim Gravel Lose Weight? 

Kim Gravel was always into fitness and health. She has always dreamed of becoming Miss. Georgia and this was not a hobby for her. To attain the perfect body she would try everything and for a few years she managed to keep it fine. But after a while, things started to change.

Her life changed as she decided to have a family and then the pregnancy weight was difficult to lose. During the pregnancy, she had a sedentary lifestyle and indulged in her various cravings but that cost her a lot later on. In her memoir, she expresses how she had lost all the vivacity that she had.

As a life coach, while she was continuously asking others to be confident, she could not feel it. Something held her back and that is when she decided to lose it for good. Though much is not known about the methods we know that healthy eating, exercising, and mindfulness did play a major part in her weight loss journey.

The Motivation Behind Her Weight Loss

Kim Gravel Diet Plan

According to Kim, she felt her life was lacking a zen she so wanted other people to feel. It held her back and no matter what she was not ready to feel that way anymore. Kim tried many ways to lose weight but with no success. This deteriorated her mental health as well.

In “You Can Do It Gravel” she says how she felt tired all the time and let her weight decide her emotions.  This was too much for her and she finally pushed herself to the edge but this time kept an open mind. The numbers on the scale didn’t matter but her inner peace was what drove her.

Kim Gravel Diet Plan

In her book, Kim also talks about the unhealthy food habits she indulged in. Mostly she would eat oily, greasy food as her tight schedule left her with little time to cook. Bottles of diet sodas lay beneath her and told the story of her sugary diet.

But when she determined to lose the weight she shifted into taking vegetables, lean protein, and smoothies. Herbal teas started replacing the juices and sodas. Anytime she would carve for food, she opted for healthy alternatives like nuts, seeds, and yogurt. Many websites have also claimed that she used weight loss pills but the star is yet to confirm any of it.

Kim Gravel’s Workout Plan

Earlier we discussed how her life had altogether taken a pause. She was doing more of a couch job and not as active as she was in high school. Her resilience forced her to go with her old active lifestyle of physical activity.

Apart from working out, she included Cardio, weight training, and other exercises that are sure to provide a result. She also decided to participate in various marathons and running competitions to motivate her inner self and push it beyond boundaries.

Kim Gravel Weight Loss: Before And After

Looking back at the journey she completed, Kim also talked about the constant criticisms she faced. Many online trolls and comments did affect her to a point but she decided to shut it down by working even harder than ever. Additionally, her own deteriorating mental health also played a huge part in the breakdown.

Many times she would feel like quitting but she would never want to return to her unhealthy ways.  Her poor cardiovascular health and joint pains constantly reminded her of the transformation she was about to embrace.

When it was difficult for her to even look in the mirror before, now she credits her weight loss to all the good things in her life. She says she felt no less than a pupae out of its chrysalis all ready to soar and explore the sky.

Kim’s story is out there for the world to admire. Every year women struggle constantly with body image issues that snowball into very real stress. So Kim now devotes her time to empowering women to accept the change and do something about it.

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