How To Burn Calories Without Hitting The Gym: Gym-Free Tips

How To Burn Calories Without Hitting The Gym: Gym-Free Tips

In an age where advertising and PR, social networks boom. We see the above headline and are reminded of an advertisement in India, where a person working out at a tennis court stops to greet a friend. She is an attractive young woman. He says he is burning calories. She says she can help. 

How To Burn Calories Without Hitting The Gym

The advertisement ends in amusement. The chess game here is Zugzwang. Contrary to all possible beliefs, a lady friend cannot help burn calories in any happy endings way. Zugzwang is a situation in Chess, where all the next moves are bad moves.

How To Burn Calories Without Hitting The Gym: Gym-Free Tips

And so, Chocolates coming as an answer must be the angels.

Burning calories

All ideas of burning calories relate to accumulated fat and mass that must be removed. As a need to tone the body, flexible the system. Create muscle where it is exactly required. Or simply to not get obese or lethargic.

Some of the following ways are practical and easy, economical and yet philosophical.


When we take a walk over a long distance and have a glass of water at the end of the long journey, we are reminded of a simple pleasure of life. It can be a brisk walk, it can be a slow walk of contemplation. It can be a walk by the sea or in the mountains. It can be a walk-in fright of dogs howling nearby. The intention to lose weight will happen, provided that we are able to sweat and rest enough later to not cause fatigue or dog-bites.

Walking brings intense pleasure, in a stadium, in a park, or even in a neighborhood. It is a matter of the choice of steps taken, and the speed of moving that decides how many calories go away.

Sprints and runs

People take a sprint or run. It can be on the mill at home, the person runs for kilometers in half an hour and gets down with a towel and a sipper in hand.

It can be in a stadium were preparing for an event, a marathon, at dawn or dusk, the focus gets built with it.


A favorite simple choice. Europeans have adopted it before and after industrializing. Chinese are using it as rented bikes in Urban areas. To be left at another station and paying the time or distance used. In India, this also has political baggage. But it is popular as a mode of transport, while also providing a healthy state of being. In rural areas, it is life-saving support in un-metalled or once-metalled roads.


A hardcore sport, here people can get hamstrings, cramps and drown if they are lucky and lazy. The waters provide relief in a hot atmosphere. But more so, the four major strokes all offer a great way to burn calories rapidly and severely. All in a manner of few minutes of fast butterfly strokes.

Track sports

All track sports provide a good way to lose calories.

Simple staircase runs

One of the simplest and most accessible ways to burn calories if swimming is not an option, but not for the weak hearts, running up and down a staircase. Staircases are always somewhere nearby, and unless you are a toddler or too old. It is something ignored in the daily routine. (Furniture cannot read). Running up and down a staircase as fast and as effectively as you can help burn calories very effectively. All calories can be then be removed in weeks. 

This route is effective indoors and without any equipment. 

Marathons in Public

One of the growing trends in the public park starting and ending marathon runs. From New York, Hyde Park, or any metro in India. When you start you are cheered by fellow happy people, while on it, you will have so many people to chat with and take freebies from. And by the end of it, some places give you a line to stand and offer bagels and other food items.

Marathons in Public

Marathons in India are growing, urban obesity and lethargy grow, and after the current circumstances of an epidemic, this will blow out of proportions.

Marathons are a great way to spend a Sunday morning in a busy work-life schedule.

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