Best Probiotics For Weight Loss – Intake Of Probiotics Helps In Weight Loss?

Best Probiotics For Weight Loss

Probiotics are found in fermented food items and supplements. Some of the best probiotics for weight loss are discussed here. These microorganisms also reside in the human body naturally. Probiotics encourage the growth of good bacteria that maintains the health of the intestines.

How To Lose Weight Using Probiotics?

Good bacteria can keep our bodies healthy in various ways including weight loss, irritable bowel syndrome, allergic skin problems, cold, etc. Probiotics are essential for the body since they break down food and help our body digest it properly along with improving our immune system.

Best Probiotics for Weight Loss

How do Probiotics help with Weight Loss?

According to various studies, probiotics have proved to be one of the weight loss options. It has properties that can help you reduce your belly fat. They help your body absorb fewer calories than usual and thus lowers your body weight. Here is a detailed list of how probiotics do that-

  • Reduced fat storage– Probiotics help to increase the flow of protein named ANGPTL4 that accumulates body fat. By increasing the levels of this protein, probiotics make sure there is a decrease in fat storage. This helps you in weight loss.
  • Low level of fat absorption– The bacteria present in the body affects the way it absorbs nutrition from your food items and can influence the same. Probiotics can help your body absorb a lesser number of calories which leads to an increase in the excretion of bile from your body. This is how you can achieve weight loss gradually.
  • Reduce inflammation– Probiotics can offer you relief from inflammation too. Inflammation is one of the drivers of obesity when you are on a diet and have control over your body weight. Probiotics can fight off inflammation and help you reduce weight.
  • Burns calories– Through the consumption of probiotics, there is a release of satiety hormone GLP-1 in the body that helps by reducing the appetite and creates a sense of energy to exhaust which lets you burn fat and calories, thus helps you lose more weight.

Best Probiotics for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss and your body health, go for the best possible option available. You must consider buying only those probiotics that are recommended by experts and are the best in the market. It would not show you desired results if you buy cheap quality probiotics. So, here is a list of the best quality probiotics that you can buy online or offline.



This probiotic is specifically made for weight management. It is a medical food made for dietary management, ileal pouch, irritable bowel syndrome. All this can lead to weight gain and hence this probiotic let your body fight these to help you lose weight. You can find it on Amazon and costs around $123 per 30 counts.

Garden of Life Dr. formulated probiotics for women, once daily women’s probiotics

Garden of Life Dr. formulated probiotics for women, once daily women's probiotics

This one supports women’s health. It improves the immune system as well as the digestive system. According to experts, it includes 50 billion CFUs as well as 16 strains. You do not have to refrigerate it since it is shelf-stable. This probiotic also contains prebiotic fiber and is soy and gluten-free. This one costs around $27.94 on Amazon.

Orthomolecular ortho biotic

Orthomolecular ortho biotic

This probiotic supplement includes all the available strains for gut health and also helps in inflammatory yeasts. This has the potential to become your favorite probiotics. The price of this one is fixed at $93.94 and you can find it online on Amazon.

Life extension’s florassist GI with phage technology

Life extension's florassist GI with phage technology

This probiotic include bacteriophages that help in the prevention of harmful bacteria and promote the development of good bacteria. This biotic supplement reaches the lower intestine which is an important factor to yield great results and is ignored by many companies. It costs $20.69 on Amazon.

Daily benefit by Dr. Morrison daily flora immune

Daily benefit by Dr. Morrison daily flora immune

The strains present in this probiotic helps in the improvement of the immune system. It also reduces the risks related to upper respiratory infections. It contains elements like L.plantarum as well as L. paracasei. It will cost you $38.

What are the benefits of probiotics?

Probiotics help your body in several ways. Here is how probiotics can be helpful for you.

  • Probiotics can also help in diarrhea. Although the effectiveness of the probiotic depends on different factors, it can surely decrease the risk of having severe diarrhea. Different strains such as lactobacillus casei, lactobacillus rhamnosus, saccharomyces boulardii are present in probiotics that prevent various types of diarrhea.
  • According to studies, it can improve mental health and has a positive effect on your mood. In addition to this, it can ease your anxiety levels, obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD, and depression. Probiotics can also help with autism and improve memory.
  • There are probiotics strains that can help you maintain the health of your heart by decreasing the level of bad cholesterol. It breaks down the bile and does not let it get absorbed in the gut and reduces the possibility of entering into the blood as cholesterol.
  • Few strains of probiotics can help you reduce the risk of allergies as well as eczema. This is most useful in infants and children. The effectiveness of risk may depend on different factors and may be lower or higher.
  • Probiotics have the potential to prevent you from inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. They can even reduce the inflammation that you get from these digestive disorders. According to experts, it can also help you if you have irritable bowel syndrome or IBS in the early stages. A fatal bubble condition named necrotizing enterocolitis can also be treated by using probiotics or at least reduces the risk of it if not completely treats the problem.
  • Probiotics have the power to improve your immune system and give you a boost. We all know that it already protects us from harmful or bad bacteria. Probiotics can help you by producing more natural antibodies in the human body and boost immune cells such as IgA-producing cells, natural killer cells, and T lymphocytes. One of the probiotic strains named lactobacillus crispatus 10 also helps women by reducing the risk of urinary tract infections for UTI by 50 percent.
  • It is already known that probiotics are already helpful in losing weight through various organisms such as absorption of dietary fat in the intestines, controlling the appetite, etc. Probiotics can make you feel so that you don’t feel hungry and thus control your appetite. It can also directly impact your body weight through food supplements.

How to take probiotics?

According to different experts, the time best suited to take probiotics is before a male or when you begin your meal. At this time yeah stomach is at its least acidic behavior since your body has not produced any large stomach acids to digest your food.

When you take probiotics before a male it becomes easier to travel to your gut and it makes sure that you get good and beneficial bacteria from probiotics.

How to take probiotics

The timing of taking probiotics also depends on various factors like the type of probiotics you opt for. In case you opt for a life spring probiotic supplement you need to take them 20 minutes after your meal, before bedtime, and after waking up. In case you choose a soil-based probiotic, you must take it with the food you are having so that it has a positive impact on your body. With enteric-coated probiotics, the time does not really matter since it can survive the acids present in the stomach.

Final Verdict On Best Probiotics for Weight Loss!

Best probiotics for weight loss can be very healthy and can impact your body and health in several positive ways. However, they can also damage your stomach by giving you major health issues and can also lead to weight gain.

This is why it is best to take recommendations from your doctor or your health trainer. They will be equal to guide you thoroughly in this matter. In addition to that make sure that you do not consume more than what has been advised as it can lead to adverse effects on your body.


Can probiotics treat irritable bowel syndrome completely?

No probiotics cannot read I BSR irritable bowel syndrome completely however it can reduce the risk of the problem.

What are the common side effects of probiotics?

Some of the common side effects of probiotics include mild stomach upset, allergic reactions, diarrhea, bloating, etc.

Can probiotics help me in losing weight?

Yes, probiotics are helpful and they can help you lose your belly fat through various mechanisms.

When should I take the probiotics?

The intake of probiotics and their time depends upon the type of probiotics that you choose. It can be taken after or before your meal, before bedtime, or the first thing in the morning depending upon the type of your probiotic.

What are the forms of probiotics available in the market?

You can take probiotics in the form of capsules, tablets, supplements, powder, etc.

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