Are Almonds Good For Weight Loss? Things To Know!

Almonds For Weight Loss

Nuts are generally considered to be good for our health. Not just for our bodies but also our skin, hair, and nails. For instance, people widely apply almond oil to their hair. Not only does it give hair its lustrous growth but it also endows it with a shiny appearance that makes it all the more beautiful.

People are also known to apply it on body and feet to get free from the dryness of the skin and breakage. However, what about eating almonds for weight loss? Now we know nuts in general are great for weight loss, so we will be examining how almonds are great for losing weight and if they are how much you should eat. Stay tuned to uncover everything about almonds.

Benefits Of Almonds

Before we get into the big question, let’s see how eating almonds can be beneficial to us in general.

  1. Reduce heart disease risks– Almonds have fats but not non-healthy kind. It not only prevents the formation of bad cholesterol but also promotes the growth of good cholesterol making our hearts happy.
  2. Makes Stomach happy– It has a lot of dietary fiber that is essential for processes like digestion assimilation and many others. This also keeps stomach troubles at bay.
  3. Promotes glowing skin– Filled with Vitamin E and antioxidants almonds are all the more crucial in maintaining the smoothness of the skin.
  4. Good for grey cells– As we age, our cognitive processes start taking a back seat. Many of us may be suffering from memory loss and lack of concentration. This is where almonds with their Riboflavin and L-carnitine come into play. It is also the reason why most health drinks have almonds in them.
  5. Reduces the risk of type-2 Diabetes– With Magnesium in abundance, it can control the blood sugar level in your body so that it doesn’t rise to abnormal levels.

Are Almonds Good For Weight Loss?

Yes. Almonds are great for weight loss. Those who are averse to dairy products can easily substitute almonds in their lives to give you all the needed nutrition minus the allergens.  You might have noticed how every diet has almonds prescribed in it this is because it has very less carbs and calories when compared to its counterparts.

Are Almonds Good For Weight Loss

Moreover, by preventing the evasion of chronic diseases, it protects our body from a low immunity rate and obesity levels in general. While these are indirect ways, there are plenty of direct ways in which eating almonds in certain quantities can directly affect shedding weight.

For instance, the consumption of almonds is also known to help with satiety. This means you could be fuller for longer periods and that means your diet gets followed easily. Similarly, we did point out the Magnesium content in the almonds which is necessary for many critical processes including metabolism.

Additionally, it is also known to protect us from getting addicted to unhealthy snacks. One of the most difficult things a person has to undergo while on a diet is to give up snacking. However, with almonds, you can snack while not worrying about the calorie content or fat deposits either. If you are a vegan who is on a protein-only diet, almonds are your life-saver.

Almonds are a dense source of protein and should be replacing meat without any worries. Vitamin E has more benefits than you think when it comes to weight loss in reducing oxidative stress. As with its abundance, almond definitely stands out as a fine choice.

How Many Almonds Should You Eat To Lose Weight?

Almonds for weight loss is a great addition but as we always say, nothing should be consumed without proper calculation. Ultimately calorie deficit is our goal and overeating anything can cause more harm than help. So we will be telling you how much should you ideally eat to lose weight.

According to dietitians, a person can eat around 23 almonds in a day. That would be an ounce in measure and will contain 150 Calories. It can vary depending on the diet you follow or the time you eat. Ideally, almonds can be a great morning snack, pre-workout snack, afternoon snack, and evening too. Soaking it in water before eating it can increase the nutrition in it.

How To Include Almonds For Weight Loss In Your Diet?

To reiterate almonds can be eaten at any time as long as we keep count. However, there are some ways in which you incorporate almonds into your daily routine-

  1. Make some smoothies out of it– Add some to your delicious smoothies and see the difference it makes.
  2.  Garnish your salads– Could be a simple fruit salad or a vegetable salad to add some crunchiness.
  3. Raw for snacking– Make it your evening or pre-lunch snack. You can roast or eat it as it is
  4.  Mixture– Mix it up with other nuts and seeds to make a trail mix.
  5.  Protein bars– Home-made protein bars can be garnished with an almonds mix.
  6.  Nut butter- You can use almonds as a bread spread by making butter out of it. Be mindful of the additives to count the calories.
  7. Oatmeal– Crush some over the oatmeal and see the magic happen.

Almonds are healthier in every way. They can be included in our meals in a number of ways and still help you lose weight. Like every food, it should be eaten in moderation according to your diet plan. Consulting your health care worker before eating it would be good.

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