Nikocado Avocado Weight Loss: The YouTuber’s Drastic Weight Loss Goes Viral!

Nikocado Avocado Weight Loss

Mukbang. The word can seem a bit exotic and strange, but anyone who has seen the food-eating videos on YouTube and TikTok knows the word. Mukbang is a Korean word that denotes an eating show. And Nikocado Avocado is the star of mukbang videos garnering millions of views for each of them!

Being a vegan pianist who weighed around only 150 pounds, he gained around 400 pounds. The food he consumed before the camera added to his weight. It reached a stage where even his followers warned him to lose weight or else he would die. And surprisingly, in his latest videos Avocado has lost much weight. His fans are now super happy and surprised. Dive into the news to find out more about the weight loss of Nikocado Avocado!

Fans Are Surprised To See Nikocado Avocado In His New Form!

Anyone who is into social media might know this famous YouTuber. His name is Nikocado Avocado. Yes, you have seen him in those eating videos called ‘mukbang videos’. Originally known as Nicholas Perry, a Ukraine-born American native, later attained millions of followers only through his eating videos.

Nikocado Avocado

Shot in an ASMR format, these videos are the latest trend on the Internet harnessing millions of views. But many don’t know the fact that he used to be a vegan violinist who weighed 150 pounds. And recently, he has again shocked the fans by flaunting his terrific weight loss.

It was in 2014, Perry started his first YouTube channel and named it Nikocado Avocado. He started posting videos on lifestyle and music themes. But later in 2016, he released a video showing his break up from veganism and he called it an unbalanced and mentally unstable trend.

It was from this year onwards, Perry started making mukbang videos. Being one of the first Americans to participate in this trend, he garnered around 50,000 views for his video in a week. Eventually, the YouTuber could gain a massive number of views, estimated to be around 734 million. But these videos also started Perry’s downfall. He gained much weight, around 400 pounds. 

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But the recent videos of Perry show that he has lost an astounding amount of weight. Reports say that Nikocado Avocado has lost around 89 pounds. Many of his fans and followers have expressed their amazement and happiness about the YouTuber’s latest weight loss. They shared their joy in seeing Perry getting back his life on track.

But things were not always easy with Perry. In an earlier interview with the YouTuber, he shared that he started creating mukbang videos for attention which he missed during his childhood. Also, he had revealed certain mental health conditions such as OCD and ADD which he was diagnosed with from an early age itself.

According to Perry, due to his mental health issues, he had to take antidepressants since the age of 7. In many of his videos, he can be seen showing some weird behaviors such as crying and self-loathing which might be indicators of his mental health condition.

Anyway, the good part of the story is that Perry now appears more lean and healthy. And he has lost around 89 pounds. Even though we don’t know how Nikocado Avocado has pulled off this weight loss, he has opened up about committing to exercise.

Fans of the YouTuber are super happy to see him on the right track. But still, they are a bit worried about the consistency of his weight loss journey, as he has a history of food addiction and mental health issues. But the only thing we can now do is to share in his happiness and find motivation from his weight loss journey.

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