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Adele’s Weight Loss: The Actual Truth Behind Her Transformation!

Adele's Weight Loss

While many celebrities love to flaunt their weight loss by claiming that some fad diet helped them to achieve it, Adele walks on a different path. She doesn’t want to showcase her body nor does she want to idolize any diets as the reason behind her weight loss. According to her, it is through some intense and consistent workouts she lost weight.

Once again, Adele proves that the frankness and simplicity in her music are the reflections of her life itself. We are thankful for her being candid about her story and showing us that the real path to success is not paved with flowers, but with stones and thorns. Read on to know more.

Adele’s Weight And The Media

The momentous voice that produced hits like  Rolling in the Deep, Adele, had always been a centerpiece of the news. These newsroom discussions were not always just about her music, but for most of the part, it was about her body. She had always been under media scrutiny for her weight gain and weight loss trajectories. 

While winning the 2023 Grammy award for Best Pop Solo Performance for her song, Easy on Me, Adele once again stunned the stage with her phenomenal appearance. Even after attaining seven nominations for her album 30 at the 2023 Grammy awards, Adele is discussed not for her talent or genius, but for her apparent weight loss. 

Adele at Grammys
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The talks and discussions on Adele’s body started in fact, years ago. When the singer had been a plus size, the news and media didn’t leave her alone. Even from this time itself, the focus of the newsroom cameras was upon her body. It was in 2019, she again turned heads when she posted a picture unveiling her weight loss at Drake’s birthday party. Fans were quite surprised about her discernable weight loss.

In May 2020, Adele again posted a more dramatic photo of herself during her 32nd birthday. It showcased her leaner figure in a black dress. The picture that was posted during the Covid pandemic captioned that she was thankful for all her fans and especially to those people who work in the essential category and fight Covid 19 on the war front. Fans were now really surprised to see her in this appearance as she had lost a major share of pounds.

Adele’s Workout Routines

Unlike other celebrities who constantly post their daily updates on weight loss or fitness trajectory, Adele didn’t reveal anything about her journey. Apart from the occasional pictures she posts on her social media channels, nothing else regarding her weight loss procedure was shared on social media. But in 2021, Adele made a public statement regarding her weight loss journey claiming she had lost around 100 pounds. According to her, she didn’t follow any magic diet to lose weight. Adele clarified that the weight loss had been the result of years of consistent practice that involved weight lifting and circuit training

Since the start of her fitness journey, Adele has been reluctant to imitate many celebrities who flaunt their weight loss through social media channels and attribute it to some fad diet or magic pills. The singer had always taken a bold stance regarding her body and had tried not to overshare any details of her weight loss journey with the public.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, the talented singer revealed the stigma she faces regarding the perspective of people towards her body. According to her, her body was the focal point of objectification since the start of her entire career. Adele expressed her dissatisfaction with this approach because people are consistently paying attention to her body, not to her work. 

All this discrimination and stigma made the singer take a bold standpoint against those who feed upon others’ insecurities. When people were waiting for Adele to attribute her weight loss to some superlative vogue diet, she replied that no such diets have helped her to lose weight. She pointed out that it is by consistently working out for endless hours at the gym, she had reached the current weight loss. Her weight loss trainers validated the singer’s explanation.

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When Adele started her weight loss journey in 2016 during the tour for her album ‘25’, it was Pete Geracimo who supported her with fitness sessions. Pete revealed the details of deep workout sessions he had with Adele on his Instagram page. He also shared how she had cooperated with him on the training process. Even trainers such as Greg Miele at Heart & Hustle gym in Los Angeles, California who are associated with the singer had disclosed the details of some rigorous workout routines of hers.  

According to Adele, the secret behind her weight loss is undiluted hard work. She decided to start her fitness journey not for the sake of weight loss but for the sake of her mental health. In some interviews, she revealed the struggles that she faced during her divorce and the bouts of anxiety that followed after. It was to calm the symptoms of anxiety, Adele first turned to a fitness routine. Working out for hours in the gym made the singer feel better about herself. And that has made a great deal of difference to her body, resulting in her weight loss.

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