How To Transform Regular Coffee Into A Weight Loss Drink?

Turn Coffee Into Weight Loss Drink

The population of the Earth is estimated to be over 8 billion in 2022. Several people with different thoughts and likes spread over multiple parts of the world in countries and beyond oceans that are unfathomable. However, if we think about it, there are only two kinds of people-people who drink tea/coffee and the ones who don’t.

Though the latter aren’t quite popular the former are again divided into tea and coffee lovers. In case you are wondering, the loyalties of these esteemed clubs have started shaking ever since their fans are all about fat loss.

While teas have alternatives, weight loss doesn’t mix well with everyday coffee and hence has led to a drop in its followers. But what if we tell you there are ways to turn your coffee into a weight loss drink? Keep on reading to know how to do that.

What Is Coffee?

Coffee is a hot beverage that is usually prepared with the help of Coffee beans. According to a world estimate,1 billion people are coffee drinkers and cannot even imagine functioning without one a day. To put it into perspective, it includes over 40% of the whole world’s population. Satisfying this humungous number of coffee lovers is no cake walk and therefore coffee production has skyrocketed along with its export and import.

Kinds Of Coffee Beans

Spread over 4 continents, coffee is cultivated mainly in Brazil, Cuba, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Other countries also have their local varieties to meet the ever-growing popularity. Some of the famous kinds of Coffee beans include-

Is Coffee Good For Weight Loss

Arabica-One of the most popular ones, Arabica stands out in size color, and flavor. Undoubtedly it is expensive and is devoid of the bitter taste associated with coffee.

Robusta-Coming in a close second, Robusta is for the ones who love bitter coffee. Used in Decafs on account of its distinctive smell, Robusta gives a burnt taste as compared to its earthy counterpart.

Liberica-Cultivated in Asian countries, it is similar in size but the taste is quite different and leaves a burnt taste in the mouth.

Exelcsa-Longer in size and lighter in color, this one is low on the taste and smell that is the signature of a typical coffee.

Bourbon-It is a hybrid variety of French origin and has lately dominated the coffee menus.

Kinds Of Coffees

There are over 20 varieties of coffees for you to taste. We would be mentioning a few famous ones below-

Espresso-With a mixture of coffee and water, it is not taken as a general cup but in ounces.

Latte– This is made with milk and sweet and uses sweet coffee varieties as well.

Black coffee– It is made exactly as you think it is.No cream no sugar just good old coffee beans.

Mocha– There is no combination deadlier than cocoa and coffee and Mocha is just that.

Cappucino-Similar to the latte, Italian-origin coffee is made with milk, sugar, and cream.

How To Turn Everyday Coffee Into A Drink That Helps You Lose Weight?

Many health enthusiasts are exploring creative ways to turn their morning coffee into a weight loss drink by incorporating ingredients known for their metabolism-boosting properties.

  • Skip drinking coffee in the morning, instead go for it after breakfast– We all know some people start their day with a cup of coffee and while losing weight this is not the best way to go. Drinking it at a later time can keep your appetite at bay. Make sure you use non-sugary varieties like espresso.
  • Try adding a small cinnamon stick to the coffee– Cinnamon has many properties including preventing free radicals to form. So along with coffee, it can keep you satiated for a longer period of time which means fewer calories. Do keep in mind the sugar or dairy quantity if added.
  • Have some before starting your workout– According to dieticians drinking 150 gms of caffeine before a workout can be quite helpful when losing calories is your goal.
  • Replace regular one with bullet coffee– It is very simple to make as all it needs is French Press coffee beans, a healthy oil, and a healthy variety of butter. Mix it really well until it forms a concoction. Don’t use unhealthy varieties of oil or better as it may increase the calorie content.
  • Say bye-bye to cream, sugar, or anything dairy– Coffee in itself doesn’t pose a threat to our journey. However, adding condiments can vastly change its composition and the fat loss might not be as expected.
  • Say yes to black– We have good news for black coffee lovers. You can drink it as it can help with your digestion process. Though it should be kept in mind that drinking anything in excess may have the opposite effect
  • Don’t drink coffees with additional flavours-Coffees are a popular choice of drink and like anything famous, they are often found in many lip-smacking varieties. This could be iced Frappes or super creamy lattes. Avoid those.
  • Add some chocolate to your hot cup of coffee– Before you ask we would like to clarify that the chocolate should be dark which means it has no sugar content. Just pure old browns blending with each other.
  • Don’t get a sip before sleeping– Caffeine has a history of meddling with sleep and less sleep means less physical activity. This is not something you want and therefore don’t drink 6 hours prior to bedtime.

 Even if you do, hydrate yourself with water so as to tone down its effect.

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