Jogging Or Walking: Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

Jogging Or Walking - Better For Weight Loss

Exercise is a part of life for many people, some people enjoy doing it while others have a purpose behind it. Running and jogging are two types of exercises that come under cardio. Both of these cardio exercises have their own health benefits.

Can You Lose Weight By Running Or Walking?

Many people do exercise as a part of a weight loss plan. But it might be confusing to choose the right one when it comes to walking and jogging.

Jogging And Running

In this article, I have mentioned some important points about walking and jogging. It will help you to choose the best one out of it for your weight loss journey.

Benefits of Cardio exercises

Cardio exercise mainly raises your heartbeat for a longer period. There will be a use of steady oxygen while you are doing aerobic exercises. 

Cardio exercises have some common benefits whether it is jogging or walking. Some of the benefits of aerobic exercise include:

Cardio Excercise
  • It helps to strengthen your heart.
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Weight Loss or maintain a good weight
  • Make your mood happy
  • Increase your stamina
  • Reduces the risk of dementia 
  • Increases sleep
  • Balances cholesterol level
  • Boost your immunity
  • Improve your memory power
  • Helps to manage chronic functions
  • Increase the density of bone
  • Manages high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

Cardiovascular exercises offer many health benefits. The exercises can enhance the health of the heart and improve your mood. Being active in exercise even when you are completely fit is a good thing. It will help to improve your mental and physical well-being.

Is walking better than jogging?

Walking is a less vigorous exercise when compared to jogging. Walking is a less intense workout whereas jogging requires more strength and energy. 

But vigorous exercises help you burn fat faster than walking. Jogging might help you to burn calories twice as much as walking does. So, if your goal is to lose weight or fat, then jogging is a better choice.

How to choose the right Excercise?

If you are completely new to exercises, then you can start by walking. Though jogging is better for weight loss, walking also contributes a lot to your health and weight management.

When compared to jogging, walking has fewer chances of injuries. Walking is suitable for anyone to start as exercise. Gradually, you can increase the speed of your walk and even go jogging and running.  But as a starter, walking is a better choice.

Cardio Exercise For Weight loss

Improve heart health: Both jogging and walking help to improve your heart function and overall health. Jogging takes a lot of oxygen and increases your heart rate while walking takes less. 

Weight loss and burning calories: Jogging burns more calories than walking does.  So, someone who wants to lose weight will get more benefit from jogging. But if you weigh high then it will be better to start walking, then gradually moving to jog.

Injuries and risks: High impact exercises like jogging can cause injuries to the legs, hip, and more. There are cases where people suffered from higher risks due to overuse of previously injured parts. Though runners have more risk of getting injured, walkers can also be affected with some minor injuries,

The common injuries that occur due to walking are ankle sprains, shin splints, low back pain,  Plantar fasciitis, etc. After walking you can try stretching, wear the correct shoes and clothes to avoid the chance of being injured.

How to walk more efficiently for better results?

Inclined walking: Walking over a hill is more beneficial than walking on a plain road. It helps to burn calories and does more than a normal walk.

Swing hands: Swinging arms while walking helps you to burn more calories and also increases the rate of speed. You can bend your arms 90 degrees and swing them while walking.

Walking with a weighted vest: A weighted vest increases the intensity of the walk, but it does not injure as hand weights and ankle weights do. Make sure to take weights no more than 5% to 10% of your total body weight. As an alternative way, you can also try dumbbells in each hand while walking. Many people think that walking only uses legs. But walking can be more beneficial and enjoyable if you follow the below points.

Try water walking: You can do this either in shallow coastal beach water or in the pool. Wate walking increases the intensity of your walk but reduces the impact on joints.

Group walk: Well, sometimes you might find it hard to continue your daily walk routine. Walking with families or friends makes it more fun and enjoyable. It also helps you to stick to the plan.

Walking Types


Both of them are aerobic exercises with lots of benefits. They help to maintain heart health, reduce belly fat, reduce body weight, and many more. However, they have some differences too.

Walking is the slower form of jogging. When you walk you use only less energy, and it is less vigorous when compared to jogging. But jogging is more difficult than walking, especially for beginners. If you are new to exercise, you can start by walking and slowly increase your level to jogging. This helps your body to cope with the intensity of jogging. 

Jogging is more suitable for people who want to lose weight fast. Jogging needs more energy, thus it burns your calories fast than walking does. The same goes for burning fat. Jogging helps to burn fat faster than walking.

There are different forms of walking that might benefit than a normal walk does. You can try the different forms for more results. Walking or jogging with families and friends makes it more interesting and fun. In short, both of them are good, and you can choose the best according to your health and fitness.

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