Is Subliminal Messaging Harmful? Will It Helpful To Lose Weight?

Is Subliminal Messaging Harmful Will It Helpful To Lose Weight

Have you ever come across something called subliminal weight loss plans? Maybe your friend told you about it or you watched a reel of this on Instagram, or you can be hearing this term for the first time. And you want to know whether subliminal messages truly help in shedding those extra pounds. Hold-up, you might be wondering what this subliminal messaging is? 

Is Subliminal Messaging Harmful? Will It Helpful To Lose Weight?

Advertisers use subliminal messages such as colors, shapes, or hidden text to attract your attention towards their brands. It is believed that super speedy or subtle messages can trigger your thoughts and actions. Subliminal messages have hidden messages and are designed to influence your beliefs and behaviors without you realizing it. 

But this plan of slimming down your waist and rounding your hips with just messages sounds too woo-woo to be true. Is it true? 

Is Subliminal Messaging Harmful Will It Helpful To Lose Weight

The truth is, we do not have any scientific evidence to prove that brainwave entrainment programs help in weight loss.

Researchers have been studying the unconscious mind for hundreds of years, and they suggest that subliminal messages really can affect your body. A study of babies in 2020 discovered that unconscious learning can influence behaviors after a certain stage of brain development. 

And in 2012, researchers tried to uncover the exact region of the brain where subliminal messages get processed. 

People try to use subliminal messages for weight loss by listening to subliminal music channels, sleep hypnosis meditations (listening to messages during sleep), subliminal message-mind training sessions. 

Subliminal messages lead to a positive mindset. 

Subliminal messages are not useless. They do help you in reducing extra numbers on scales. It is believed for thousands of years that words have energies that shape your reality. Subliminal messaging is a result of this belief only. That blocks your negative beliefs in your mind, beliefs that demotivate you, and of low self-esteem. You know what works for you, but most people try out the subliminal messages in audio format, as the messages enter your subconscious mind and replace your negative thoughts with positive ones about your body, the same thoughts possessed by naturally healthy people. 

These messages can also encourage you to stick to your weight loss diet plan. 

For example, if you can not resist eating sweets, you can listen to specific unconscious urges that perpetuate those exact urges.

There are numerous studies about the impact of subliminal messages on people. Here are what the study says about this:

A small study of 2014 showed that cyclists who listened to subliminal messages had greater endurance than those exposed to negative subliminal messages. 

had greater endurance than those exposed to negative subliminal messages

In 1999, researchers at Britain supermarket tested this technique by changing the store music on alternative days to encourage customers to buy either French or German wine. And the researchers concluded that when German wine outsold French wine when German music played and when French music played, the French sales were higher. In the end, questionnaires filled out by shoppers showed that they were aware of the music but not of the effect it had on their behaviors.

A review in 2012 discovered that visuals geared toward weight loss or a healthy relationship with food influenced people to stick to their weight loss plan.

Final Thoughts

At last, we can say that subliminal messages may boost self-esteem and motivation and shift your thinking to support your weight loss journey. Whereas these subliminal messaging programs could be helpful for some folks, they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. 

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