Michael Mosley: Cut Out “THIS” Fruit From Your Weight Loss Diet!

Cut out bananas from weight loss diet

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But Michael Mosley will think again before endorsing such a statement. The issue is not specifically with Apple. But the proverb kind of hails fruits as healthy which Mosley, the acclaimed diet guru will question. 

According to the 5:2 diet founder, all fruits need not be helpful while you are following a healthy diet. Certain fruits are high in sugar and can add up to calories easily. Dive into the news to find out which fruit needs to be cut out to aid weight loss according to Michael Mosley!

All Fruits Need Not Be Helpful For Weight Loss

Diet expert and the founder of the 5:2 diet, Michael Mosley advises dieters to remove one fruit from the diet for weight loss. Accordingly, the fruit suggested by Mosley is bananas.

In his opinion, even though fruits are considered healthy for weight loss, some fruits can add up to calories and sugar content in your body. And in this list of foods, bananas are the number one calorie maker. That is why Mosley advises dieters to cut out it from the diet for weight loss. 

Banana and calories

Michael Mosley is a well-known presence in the diet and lifestyle industry for years. He is acclaimed as the proponent of intermittent fasting and a low-carb diet and also has written many books promoting the ketogenic diet.

In recent years, Mosley gained much popularity for ‘The Fast 800 Diet’, which is a low-carb Mediterranean diet combined with intermittent fasting. Because of these reasons, the name Mosley is much appreciated among the dieting community. 

According to Mosley, instead of consuming fruits such as bananas, it is ideal to shift to less-sugary fruit items such as berries or apples. He also encourages dieters to increase the number of fruits they consume a day. Mosley advises eating at least seven portions of fruits and vegetables to meet the daily nutritional requirements.

But at the same time, he cautions against eating certain fruits such as mangoes in high quantities. This is because he details that even one piece of mango contains around 45 grams of sugar. While fruits such as grapes have 23 grams in one cup, and raspberries have only five grams. In the case of avocado, the sugar content is again low which is 1.33 grams. 

Mosley advises that if you are young, eating these fruits can’t pose much harm to your body. But when you start aging, certain foods need to be eaten with caution. He adds that if someone is on the path to weight loss and is following dieting, they need to cut out junk food.

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Mosley warns that these junk foods can cause serious threats to your whole health. And they are very easy to get as they are available at every service station and supermarket near our homes. According to Mosley, we get addicted to these food items because they are heavily marketed.

They come in bright-colored packaging and contain additives apart from high salt and sugar content. Mosley warns that such food items not only affect your body but can also have an impact on your mental health. 

Being a food expert, Mosley has the charm to guide dieters on the right path. He advises that to avoid temptations towards junk food, it is better to not bring them into your home. If you have already stocked up such items, better throw them in the dustbin.

Mosley suggests that you swap unhealthy snacks with healthier alternatives such as fruits and nuts. In his words, losing weight and keeping account of one’s health requires a certain amount of commitment.

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