A Healthy Diet Can Reduce The Risk Of Miscarriage: New Study Finds!

A Healthy Diet Can Reduce The Risk Of Miscarriage

Are there any connections between diet and pregnancy? The new research on this says yes. According to the latest studies, some positive dietary changes can reduce the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women.

And by positive dietary changes, they mean including more eggs, grains, seafood, and vegetables in your diet. Read on to find out more regarding the latest research findings that connect dietary changes to pregnancy health!

Diet And Pregnancy Health

New research from the University of Birmingham has thrown light on the invariable link between diet and pregnancy health. According to this, a diet comprising seafood, eggs, grains, and vegetables might reduce the risk of miscarriage.

The current research took into consideration 20 studies that analyzed the eating habits of women during pregnancy. The results of this study were published in the Fertility and Sterility journal in 2023.

As part of the research, 11 cohort and 9 case-control studies were taken into consideration. The results showed a considerable decrease in miscarriage in women who consumed a healthy diet.

Experts point out that 1 in 6 pregnancies has a chance to end in miscarriage. Being a common phenomenon, some of the causes of this haven’t been identified yet. The issues in the baby’s chromosomes or infections in the womb can lead to miscarriage.

And still, numerous other causes have to be discovered. According to Dr. Yealin Chung, the lead author of the study, parents often seek guidance to reduce the risk of miscarriage. It is at this point, the current research becomes relevant. 

Among the 20 studies that were analyzed, six had data from around 13,000 participants in total. From this detailed study, the researchers found that certain food groups considerably reduced the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women.

Among them, the intake of fruits was found to be the major factor that reduced the risk of miscarriage by up to 61%. The consumption of vegetables by the pregnant person was found to be associated with a 41% of reduction in miscarriage risk.

In the case of dairy products, it amounts to 37%, and for whole grains, it was around 33%. The consumption of seafood and eggs correlated with a 19% reduction in miscarriage. 

According to researchers, all these items are compulsory parts of a healthy diet. The current study can be a leading light in further research that aims to find a connection between lifestyle changes and pregnancy.

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How Much Of These Foods Do You Need To Consume?

Chung opined that lifestyle changes including dietary changes and quitting smoking and drinking can have a positive impact on the early stages of pregnancy. Still, one of the loopholes of this research is regarding the exact measurements of the intake of these foods.

Pregnancy Diet

It means the new study hasn’t yet been able to provide you with a clear recommendation on how much of these healthy foods you need to consume. But some component studies mentioned that two or more portions of fruits per day can be ideal and less than this can be considered unhealthy. Likewise, the measurement can apply to all other food groups.

As part of the research, any diets that comprised the food items such as eggs, seafood, grains, and veggies were considered as healthy for pregnant women. The only diet that increased the risk of miscarriage was found to be a diet of processed foods.

So experts suggest that new parents should understand the importance of positive lifestyle changes when planning for a baby. And they advise us to continue such healthier habits even after pregnancy.

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