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Gunna Shocks Fans With His Weight Loss: Comments Say “Prison Did Him Good”

Gunna Shocks Fans With His Weight Loss

Among his racketeering conspiracy allegations, Gunna has attained some major weight loss goals. The recent pictures from his prison release show the rapper flaunting his leaner figure.

Fans are shocked to see this tremendous change in Gunna. Dive into the news to find out how Gunna lost weight and came into the spotlight for his amazing svelte figure!

How Did Gunna Lose So Much Weight?

A recent picture of the American rapper, Gunna is out. And fans are stunned to see his incredible weight loss. Sergio Giavanni Kitchens aka Gunna is back home after his imprisonment following the RICO case.

Gunna Weight Loss

He was not in the limelight for a long time. And the recent photos of the YSL rapper have got his fans in awe mode. The picture is trending on Twitter where he can be seen with three other friends. The photo was posted on 12th April, 5.04 am, and has gathered around 1.7 million views already. It is captioned as a new photo of Gunna has surfaced online. 

Being an overweight figure, Gunna has always been subject to body-shaming comments and trolls. But upon his release from jail, the rapper seems pretty shredded up. Many of his fans are shocked to see him in a leaner figure.

But none of them know how or why he has lost this much weight. Some of them speculate that the jail food might have made him impoverished while others think that he might have done some workouts in his spare time. Anyway, the rapper seems like he is in the best shape and spirits and fans are happy about that. 

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What Was The Reason For His Imprisonment?

The 29-year-old rapper was imprisoned in the YSL RICO case along with 28 other individuals who were found to be guilty in a racketeering case. RICO is the abbreviation for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act where the people associated with illegal money laundering and property exchange are punished under it.

On the grounds of this case, Gunna pleaded guilty and was allowed to be released after his prison sentence. But everyone was not happy regarding the approach of Gunna. Lil Dunk implied that Gunna was acting against the YSL while other rappers such as Lil Baby, Polo G, and Meek Mill unfollowed Gunna on Instagram. He was called a “snitch” for pleading guilty and acting against the wishes of YSL members. 

Anyway, some of his fans have expressed their admiration for his weight loss on social media channels. Seeing his latest photos, many were shocked and asked whether he had lost weight. Other comments included a congratulatory note on his achievement and claimed health is wealth.

While some others jokingly commented that prison life did Gunna good as it helped him lose weight. Along with weight loss, rumors are surrounding Gunna on his deal with YSL. On the grounds of his pleading guilty, many think he is cutting ties with Young Thug’s record label.

But Gunna has denied all these allegations and clarified that he is not going anywhere. Reports say that he is getting prepared for the release of a new album. While the next phase of the Jury selection process regarding the YSL trial is set to happen this year, Gunna is moving along with his health and career goals in a positive way. 

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