Do Magnetic Earrings Really Work For Weight Loss? Revealed!

Magnetic Earrings And Weight Loss

Weight loss is a tiresome journey. People all over the world are obsessed with the washboard abs and zero figure. Our celebrities certainly don’t make things easier. However, this has led to the invention of many hoax methods and beliefs to raise their heads. We have become prey to hoax diets, pills, rings, and whatnot.

This blog aims to bust another one of those long-going myths and uncover the truth behind the ability of magnetic earrings to lose weight. Are you considering wearing one or wearing one already for weight loss? You need to read this one then.

What Are Magnetic Earrings?

Jewellery has been around since ancient times. Unlike the present times, it was usually worn to drive evil spirits away. It was made of discarded fish skeletons and was believed to cleanse negative energy. Earrings were and are extremely popular. However, wearing one requires a hole in the ear.

Magnetic Earrings

Those who didn’t want to have permanent piercings on their bodies can go for magnetic earrings. These are simple press-ons that are held together on either side of the lobe with magnetic power. It can be found in various shapes and sizes and can also be customized as you like it.

Do Magnetic Earrings Work For Weight Loss?

We all know how desperate we get when we are in search of something. Especially if the thing we are in search of is extremely rare and difficult to get. Losing those difficult flaps of skin on your body is no cakewalk. But we do want to get a result that is faster and easier.

Unfortunately, magnetic rings are not the charm you are looking for if you want to lose weight. Not only is there no scientific standing to this fact but also no factual evidence. Anecdotal evidences are however in plenty.

Many of them have claimed that wearing magnetic earrings can help with your hunger and satiety. While we wear the earrings, the magnetic properties take over and help massage some pressure points and this can cause some changes in the functioning of your body. Needless to say, there is no basis for their claim.

So then you might think how did it work for them? Belief is very powerful. All of them would have manifested weight loss with a strong belief that the earrings might bring positive change for them while doing all the work needed to lose weight. That positivity might have motivated them to accelerate themselves.

Researchers have wanted to bust this myth for a long time. Magnetic earrings don’t manipulate the body in any way including its metabolic rate. Therefore you shouldn’t fall prey to this faux idea.

Relation Between Pressure Points And Weight Loss

We have already established that magnetic earrings do not affect our pressure points. However, that doesn’t mean pressure points don’t work for weight loss. A study conducted by the alternative medicine society claims that acupuncture and pressure points are good to go when it comes to shedding fat.

Acupuncture And Weight Loss

Some of the pressure points according to their literature includes the base of the nose, on the kneecap, between the rib cage, and on the ankles. There is one near the ears called auricular point which is known to stimulate some kind of change in their digestion pattern.

What Can Work For Weight Loss?

There are plenty of solutions to controlling your weight. Firstly, every product or activity that promises weight loss, works directly with our body. It will either help speed up your digestion or might keep you full for longer periods or either reduces the carb and fat intake. Truth be told, there is no single product that can aid in causing rapid weight loss.

For that to happen you must eat right, work out, engage in an active lifestyle, cut on alcohol, cigarettes and maybe take supplements as suggested by your trainer. Some people also choose for surgeries invasive and less invasive ones. What we could ultimately derive from all of this is that weight loss should include a variety of activities and not just pop a pill.

Final Thoughts

We all do what we can to be the best versions of ourselves. Sometimes we are successful and sometimes we aren’t. When it comes to weight loss, a lot of things can go wrong including falling for a quackery. Magnetic earrings are just that.

Apart from its placebo effect, it is not known to do any kind of trick for the sake of your health. So you must put in the hours and take a deep breath before expecting any results. Don’t rush anything and we are sure you will get definite results.

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