How To Manifest Weight Loss? Law Of Attraction And Weight Loss!

Manifest Weight Loss

As the adage says, “If you believe in something truly, chances are the universe will try its best to make your wish come true”. Ever since we were kids, we are told to trust the process and manifest all our wishes sincerely. Though it might not happen suddenly,  it is supposed to happen gradually. At least some of us might have experienced the power of attraction and how it makes things possible.

But the question is will it work for weight loss? Can we manifest weight loss and then maybe get a result? This blog will be looking at the question closely and try to find some answers for you.

Can The Law Of Attraction Work For Weight Loss Or Not?

Though we have no scientific point for the same, trainers and life coaches think that manifesting certain aspects of your life can be rewarding. So the answer would be yes. However, you cannot expect the law of attraction to work in isolation.

Law Of Attraction And Weight Loss

You can attract weight loss yourself if you maintain a proper diet, cut on the carbs, have your supplements (if any), and work out. One should keep an open mind about the whole process to have a positive attitude.

How Does The Process Of Manifestation Work?

Manifestation is the process of channeling a particular thought to make it true. Though it might seem like wishing, it doesn’t work that way. You need to visualize and map out clearly what you want and then find signs for it to work.

The first step is to set a goal and take a step toward its actualization. So is taking a step all that you need? No, it isn’t you have to make sure you say it aloud or maybe write it down in a journal. This is not as simple as a diary entry.

It includes more of talking continuously and elaborately about what your goal is and how you aim to reach it. It surely is magic but not a trick. Additionally, mindful meditation can also work towards this initiative.

How To Manifest Weight Loss Using The Laws Of Attraction?

The more we talk to people or communicate with like-minded individuals we would know that weight loss is a journey. Sometimes a group of individuals who set on a similar route can motivate each other and spread their tricks and tips.

Tips While Manifesting Weight Loss

Usually, people who are obese blame themselves for not being able to do any task or even simple chores. When you want to attract yourself towards shedding kilos, you must give up on those negative thoughts and let your mind and body work towards the endeavor. There are certain steps that you can follow to make it work for you. You should therefore be-

  • Trusting the whole procedure– Trust is the first step. You cannot rush anything. When you are working towards losing those extra kilos, imagine yourself in your dream body. Believe that you will once be the person you want to be.
  • Cognizant of how the laws work– The laws are not a fact. It cannot work just by dreaming it at night or thinking about it all the time. You need to be very specific about your needs and think it should be achievable.
  • Set clear goals-You need to be specific about your desired body. Create a clear image of your dream body and focus on that and how it will change your life.
  • Taking relevant actions– The laws don’t work by just thinking, now you have to take serious actions towards it. You should read more about losing weight along with finding appropriate physical activity, diet, and meditation. Some apps are also programmed to take stats from you and do all the work for you.
  • Don’t get irritated if the results are not overnight- Rome was not built in a day and neither will your perfect body. You can stumble, fall, or may even be injured. Some days could be harder than others. What you can do is make peace with your goal and continue it until results show. Don’t stop midway and lose patience.

Additional Tips While Manifesting Weight Loss

These are simpler and most obvious tips to manifest weight loss:

👉 Avoid negative company-There might be people who would try to put you do as you embark on this self-loving path. All you can do is to revert your actions.

👉 Take a picture of your body every day– As stated earlier, visualizing is an important step so looking at your achievement, however small it might be could pump you with adrenaline more than you think.

👉 Make sure all your thoughts are positive– We know it isn’t easy to wake up every day and think all about butterflies and unicorns. However, keeping a positive mindset can always be reassuring.

👉 Affirmations– You can also use positive affirmations or subliminal related to weight loss and repeat those regularly.

👉 Gratitude: Be grateful for every small positive change and appreciate it throughout your weight loss journey.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we would like to say that manifesting does work for anything that you set your eyes on and weight loss isn’t much different. There could be a lot of negativities around you that might not seem like the right step or may even pull you down.

It is therefore imperative to know what is your real goal and work relentlessly. This is not without having to do the legwork literally. You need to take all the necessary steps to lose weight besides keeping a positive mindset by avoiding unnecessary external pressure.

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1. Can the laws of attraction help me lose weight??

Yes and no. If you work hard enough to lose weight with all the faith in you, chances are you might get a surprising result. Also, the results might be different for different people.

2. Will I not lose weight if I don’t manifest?

That is not true. It all ultimately depends on the kind of hours you put in. Imagine you work out for 3-4 hours every day and cut on your carbs even without positive thinking, you might be able to get results. It is anyway good to reduce your stress with your head completely in the game.

3. Can I speed up the process of weight loss if I start believing in it?

Believing in it can be beneficial and speed up the process, but it won’t magically make you lose weight on its own if you aren’t ready to change your lifestyle and unhealthy habits

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