Do Moissanite Rings Work For Weight Loss? Secret Exposed!

Moissanite Rings And Weight Loss

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, you might have heard this line. Nevertheless, it is absolutely true. Diamonds have been around the world ever since 100 CE and still are as powerful as ever.

Wearing objects or carrying talismans is not unheard of. People are seen carrying their birthstones, gemstones, and other lucky stones for various reasons. We trust them to bring luck to our love life, career, and in general.

Does wearing a ring change your body as well? Do you believe that wearing a certain kind of ring can help you lose weight? Through this blog, we aim to deny or prove the myth that moissanite rings can work for weight loss. This will help you make the right decision before you purchase one with the sole aim of losing weight.

What Are Moissanite Rings?

Named after its discoverer chemist, Henri Moissan in 1893, Moissanite was first found naturally and is composed of Silicon Carbide. It is often used in place of diamonds which is extremely rare and expensive.

Moissanite Rings

The two stones are indistinguishable from one another and are equally hard so much so that Moissanite ranks 9.25 on Mohs Scale while Diamonds are 10.

Lately, they have become more trendy than ever especially when mining is considered a crime against nature. Moissanites are lab grown and therefore can be found in abundance.

Do Moissanite Rings Work For Weight Loss?

Despite what you might like to believe, wearing moissanite rings does not cause weight loss. Weight loss is caused only when your body loses any amount of fat. That happens when you cut down the carbs and replace them with protein intake that will help burn the fat in your body.

It usually happens when you work out along with taking a balanced diet. Some pills also accelerate the process of shedding kilos. They do this by keeping hunger pangs at bay.

There is no scientific evidence behind the idea that Moissanite rings trigger any sort of metabolic change that can help you lose some weight. It does not help you control your hunger or keep you satiated for a long time. So this makes it impossible to aid in any kind of physical change in you.

Why Do Some People Wear These Rings For Weight Loss?

According to astrologers and a set of believers, Moissanite is a stone that can attract a lot of luck and grace to the person who wears it. It not only helps the wearer achieve success at whatever he/she sets their mind at. Additionally, it facilitates positive thinking in them and therefore makes it easier to wade through impediments.

Moissanite Rings And Weight Loss

Though not directly but it is believed that manifesting all the good thoughts is essential to lose weight and Moissanite rings do bring out these qualities. So these are often worn by some to express their Zen in every way possible.

However, you need to understand that weight loss is a complex procedure that includes a mix of various regimens including a controlled diet, natural supplements, exercise, physical activity, and pills if prescribed.

Bariatric surgery can also be opted in if and only if your healthcare provider and trainer agree completely. If you are trying to shed your pounds, focus on these proven methods rather than depending on magical and quick solutions.


As much as it looks good and is interchangeable with a real diamond ring, Moissanite doesn’t support weight loss. This is mainly due to the fact that it does not alter anything in our physical composition. As a result, it cannot and will not make you lose fat.

Although, there are some sections of people who believe that the rings attract positivity which is needed for a difficult journey like weight loss. Anyways we believe that this write-up helped you make an informed decision and let you concentrate on the real way to shed weight.

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