Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Gain – Shocking Physical Transformation

Kelly Clarkson has always been in talks due to her weight gain since she won the first season of American idol. Fans and social media users were instant to point out her body transformations.

Also, the critics never missed the chance to criticize her in the transformations. She always won the heart of her fans with her down-to-earth nature and openness.

What’s The Reason Behind Kelly’s Weight Gain?

In fact, she was never shy to speak out about her weight gain and honestly faced the media and replied to their questions regarding this topic.

Let us learn more about her and her weight gain story through this article.

The Reason Behind Kelly's Weight Gain

Who Is Kelly Clarkson?

Kelly Clarkson was born Kelly Brianne Clarkson on April 24, 1982, widely known by the name Kellbelle among the fans and has multiple talents.

She is a singer, author, television programmer, songwriter, and actress. She became famous after participating in and winning the first season of American idol in 2002.

Kelly is the only singer in the history of Billboard’s pop, adult contemporary, country, adult pop, and dance charts. More than 25 million albums and 45 million singles of her have been sold worldwide.

Some of her most popular songs are ‘piece by piece ’, ‘break away’, ‘since you been gone ’, and, ‘my life would suck without you ’. In short, she achieved a great career after winning the American idol. 

Kelly also had a happy personal life too. She got married to her manager Brandon Blackstone on October 20, 2013, at Blackberry Farm in Walland, after their announcement of their engagement in 2012.

She is the parent of two kids, River Rose Blackstone who was born in June 2014, and Remington Blackstone who was born in April 2016. She openly admitted that balancing her career with family life wasn’t always easy.

However, Kelly Clarkson was living in a fantasy world until they ended up their relationship with Blackstone in June 2020.

In November 2020, she was granted custody of both her son and daughter. In July 2021, she filed a divorce case against Blackstone legally claiming that both of them need a better new life. In August 2021, she got divorced officially as a result of her patience and great effort.

The Story Behind Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Gain

We can notice through her pictures that Kelly Clarkson was in good shape from the year 2009 to 2013. But after 2015 she became chubbier and her body began to change and it was gradually becoming out of shape.

It was during this period she and her transformation became a hot topic. As a result, she had to face many bullies and criticisms and started getting trolls due to her huge fat body.

The Story Behind Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Gain

However, Kelly never hid from the media and the crowd during this time. Rather she opened up to the media about her weight gain, body image, and nutrition without any fear.

She also spoke about her physical appearance, eating habits, and also about the body-shaming she had to face. One of the main reasons she admires her fans is her willingness to open up and her honesty.

Kelly even got unfavorable comments about her weight gain and she was like the critics are only concerned about her weight, looks, and beauty, but they are not bothered about how well she is. She also told that it was not easy to erase the negative comments from her mind and her life.

But she knew handing such comments was necessary otherwise it will adversely affect her confidence level.

So she started considering it as a fertilizer for her personal growth and mental clarity. She also felt like it is a part of every celebrity’s life and she has to move on along with it.

Kelly Clarkson About Her Body

Kelly herself addresses her body as an anomaly in an episode of Mayim Bialik’s podcast. She told she find it strange to experience two weights in a 24 hours period.

She conveys that between the time she gets up and lunchtime, her body fluctuates between two sizes smaller and larger.

Kelly Clarkson About Her Body

Her words about size fluctuation are like, ‘It’s the strangest thing’, she added ‘It’s all inflammation or whatever ’. However, she keeps the different sizes of dresses in her closet because she has no idea which size will suit her on any given day.

Kelly is always fond of wine and meat items, which is evident from her early Instagram post. She is also a coffee fan. But after weight gain, she claimed that she loves red wine for her heart but hates having it as it makes her red, sweaty, and fatter.

In 2018, she told that she was suffering from autoimmune disease and a thyroid condition which was the reason for her body fluctuation. She also discussed the struggles she had to face during the weight gain.

However, she found her way to be happy through her pieces of music. At that time she released the song ‘I dare you ’, a beautiful song about self-love and acceptance.

Another song of her ‘Whole lotta women ’ from her album ‘Meaning of life ’, which she performed in the Billboard Music Awards, is related to everyone who struggled with their self appearance.

She was terribly trolled for her weight gain by telling her it is not baby weight, but it’s fat and she should stop considering it as cute and instead she has to focus on getting her body back in shape.

Kelly’s Weight Loss After The Weight Gain

Due to autoimmune disease and thyroid problems, Kelly Clarkson removed her 37 pounds from 80 kilograms to lead a healthy life. This significant weight loss was an achievement in her life. 

But soon she regained the weight and gained much more. Kelly went back to the weight gain era in order to adjust to the stress of the divorce from her husband Brandon Blackstone. 

In the past when she was skinny, at the time of her second album, ‘Breakaway’ in 2004, she had to face trolls as she was thinner compared to other singers of her age.

Her words about those days were like ‘When I was really skinny, I wanted to kill myself. I was miserable inside and out, for four years of my life.

But no one cared because aesthetically you make sense. It was really a dark time for me. I thought the only way out was to quit. I like wrecked my knees and my feet because all I would do is put on headphones and run. I was at the gym all the time. ’

Kelly says she is happier when she is fat and people will complain and troll in any condition and she follows her heart.

She says ‘I am not obsessed with my weight, which is probably one of the reasons why other people will have a problem with it.

There are just some people who are born skinny and have a great metabolism, which is not me. Even I wish I had a better metabolism.

But someone else wishes they could be happy like me and they could walk into a room and make friends with everyone as I can. It is normal that people always want someone else has.’

Does Weight Gain Harm Kelly’s Profession?

However, the further weight gain not only harmed her profession but it affected her self-esteem too. One of the producers of her talk show openly criticized her by telling her that her physical appearance is not something they want their host to have. 

After this incident, Kelly struggled hard to maintain a healthy weight, despite the fact that she has gained more weight than before. However, she was happy in her skin and beaming radiantly in her social media posts.

Recently, the weight of the vocalist went down by 85 pounds. And people were surprised about her weight loss and wanted to know how she managed to lose weight.

There were even spreading rumors that she had been following a fad diet and is using diet pills to lose weight.

But the Grammy Award winner herself responded by telling that she underwent gastric sleeve surgery and also therapy.

She also conveyed that it was the best thing she have ever done. She also said that she is following a plant paradox diet.


Anyways, she had to face many criticisms during her weight gain and weight loss. Her body fluctuations occurred due to her health issues like autoimmune illness and thyroid problems.

However, she managed to lose her weight and it is the result of her patience and effort.

Moreover, she knew that staying happy is far more important than concerning about somebody else’s criticisms or bullying.

Kelly was confident about herself even during her tough times and she knew she can be the center of attention with her gorgeous voice.

During her weight gain era, she firmly believed that she is aesthetically beautiful in her own way.

However, her life is a message to everyone to shut off their ears from society and busy focus on their health and happiness.

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