Causes Of Unintentional Weight Gain

Causes Of Unintentional Weight Gain

Unintentional weight gain is a nightmare for almost 90% of people having overweight. Sometimes you may wonder why your body is getting this much wait without any excess consumption of food. But the fact is you don’t need to eat so much to gain weight.

Causes Of Unintentional Weight Gain

There are so many reasons which could contribute to excessive weight gain. No matter whatever diet you take, you may not be able to control it. Have you ever thought of consulting a doctor for the weight gaining problem? Probably, the number of people who consult doctors for weight gain is very less. Either they may feel embarrassed to consult a doctor for such an issue or they may think of it as an aftereffect of food habits.

Food habit can indeed tend to be one of the reasons for unintentional weight gain but the weight that gained through food habits can be reduced by rearranging the food habits itself or through simple physical exercises like jogging, morning walk, and stretching. Let us take a look at the reasons or causes behind unintentional weight gain. 

Causes of unintentional weight gain

  1. Hormonal changes 

Our body secrets different hormones which can make changes in our body. These changes caused by hormones are called hormonal changes. Some of the hormones that cause weight gain are;

  • Thyroid- when the T3, T4, and calcitonin are not produced in the right quantity, by the thyroid gland, it will lead to hypothyroidism which can result in weight gain.
  • Leptin – the hormone that stops our body from eating when we are full. When we overeat sugar contents or processed foods, the excess fructose will be deposited as fat which is capable of producing leptin. This will desensitize the body and cause the brain to ignore the signals to stop eating, thus causes weight gain.
  • Insulin – overconsumption of processed foods, alcohol, snacks, etc can lead to resistance to insulin. This will result in the circulation of glucose in the blood that will finally lead to weight gain. 

There are also other hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin that can also cause weight gain. 

  1. Medications 

Unintentional weight can occur as a result of a certain type of medication you use. Some of the medicines which cause weight gain include;

  • Anti-depression tablets.
  • Corticosteroids.
  • Antipsychotic medicines. 
  • Birth control pills.
  1. Pregnancy and Menstruation

In women, gaining weight is normal during the pregnancy period. Weight gain in pregnant women is mainly due to the weight of the baby, placenta, the amniotic fluid, increased blood supply, and the enlarged uterus they have.

 But women tend to eat more, sometimes intentionally to support the baby’s growth. 

The change in the levels of estrogen and progesterone in women during the menstrual cycle may cause periodic weight gain. 

  1. Lack of sleep

Sleep is very necessary for a human body as it is the only resting time of the body. Insufficient and irregular sleeping habits can cause weight gain and other health issues. The fat cells in our body release a protein called visfatin, which causes unintentional weight gain.

  1. Increased stress level

Wondering how stress causes weight gain? The reason is that high levels of cortisone will be released when you are under stress. This will create hunger and the desire to eat more food. Studies have shown that people with obesity have higher levels of cortisone in their bodies. The interesting part is that you can reduce the weight gained by stress, by practicing stress management like yoga, meditation, and maybe a walk with nature.

  1. Undiagnosed medical condition

Some medical conditions do not have any particular symptoms other than weight gain. People do not take care of such issues unless they experience any other health issues. This is why such medical conditions remain unnoticed even for a longer period. Some of such conditions include;

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Depression
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Binge eating order 
  1. Physical Inactivity

Being inactive regularly for a long time can cause weight gain. Without proper physical movement, our body will be at rest the whole time. A healthy body needs the proper movement of organs and muscles. Full-time desk jobs, spending more time in front of the television, constantly working on mobile or laptop, driving are some common inactive routines found in individuals. Some simple changes in lifestyle which can help in weight loss include;

  • Taking small steps after dinner.
  • Taking a walk during lunch break.
  • Riding a bike.
  • Using a treadmill.
  1. Wrong dietary practices

Engaging in a dietary practice does not refer to restricting or avoiding food. People stop eating food in the regular time and pattern, in the name of dieting. Restricting yourself from eating food is not what dieting is. Moreover, this will create more health concerns in the future. Eating the proper amount of food reducing the excess calories or fat is called dieting. Inappropriate dieting can result in weight gain.


Once your body starts gaining unintentional weight, it will show you different symptoms. Some of the symptoms may be serious and some will be normal like that we don’t even notice. The symptoms include;

  • Abdominal discomfort and bloating
  • Swelling in arms and legs.
  • Fever.
  • Skin irritation.
  • Sweating.
  • Shortness of breath.

If the symptoms become worse and irritating, immediately seek medical care.


Unintentional weight gain is curable or the weight can be reduced through exercises and yoga practices. There is nothing to worry about if you are doing proper exercises to counter the health issues which may arise due to weight gain. You do not have to be upset about getting fat, it is your body and no one is going to judge you for that. Worry if you have any health issues accompanied by weight gain. In this article, we have discussed the causes of unintentional weight gain, so you can keep away from the risk factors to lead a happy life.

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