Is Popcorn Good For Weight Loss? Healthy Snack Or Not!

Popcorn For Weight Loss

Who doesn’t like snacking? Imagine laying on your couch, watching your favourite TV series and munching on some piping hot eatables. When it comes to passing your time eating snacks, popcorn is the perfect choice. Its crunchy texture with the dreamy scent is enough to let you go weak on your knees.

However what if we tell you that eating your favourite snack is not as punishing on your body as you would think? We all have heard claims about popcorn being so good that it helps us lose weight. So through this article, we aim to analyse the truth- does popcorn aid in weight loss or is it just another folklore? Whatever the result might be, we hope your love for popcorn stays unshaken.

What Is Popcorn And What Does It Contain?

Popcorn is exactly what its name means. It is popped corn all ready to eat. It is made out of maize that is specifically cultivated to make this delicacy. It is usually coated with butter, cheese, caramel, chilli or in some cases common table salt for an enhanced taste.


You can get 31 Calories from a single cup which also includes fats and carbs. Additionally, it is full of nutrients such as Vitamins A, B6, E, K, Niacin and Folate. While Vitamin A makes our eyes and bones healthy, K and B6 are good for cell growth and development. They also enhance our overall blood health making it anti-oxidant rich. So munching on popcorn is not just good for your time but also your health.

Is Popcorn Beneficial For Weight Loss?

We are so happy to say that popcorn is a healthy snack for weight loss. This doesn’t mean you could eat tubs of those on the go. However, eating them in moderate amounts can be extremely helpful in losing weight. It is mainly because-

It is ultimately made of whole grains

Whole grains are always healthy especially when you are on a diet. They are filled with many healthy nutrients that aid in your journey all the right way. This means it can keep you fuller for long periods which can stop you from craving oily foods.

It has almost no calories

When you are dieting all you think of is foods that have no calories unfortunately it is not the case most of the time. However, popcorn is a dream come true. It is so low in calories that we could eat it more than the others. So don’t stop munching now!

It is a nutrient galore

Just like Pandora’s box, nutrients keep coming out of popcorn. Along with all those nutrients, it is also rich in Thiamin and Pantothenic Acid. Not only are these not available in our body but also are hard to find in veggies or fruits.

It is antioxidant-rich

Now if you are a gym freak, you would know the importance of antioxidants in the weight loss diet. For the unversed, anti-oxidants help increase our metabolic rate which can burn fat faster. Now if this isn’t the ideal scenario, what is?

All the goodness of fibre

Dietary fibre is something you need in plenty when you want to shed some kilos. It improves your digestive health and this can stabilize your body weight.

Please keep in mind that popcorn laced with additional condiments can add to your daily calorie count. For example, a caramel popcorn tub will have more calories thanks to the sweetened caramel cream on it.

Other Health Benefits Of Popcorn

Can you imagine that popcorn’s benefits are just not limited to these? They can help our body in multiple ways including-

Health Benefits Of Popcorn

Helps our blood get around faster– Blood circulation is the reason why we are able to move our hands and feet voluntarily. Popcorns have nutrients that add to this circulation and help Kidneys transport blood in a faster mode. That means we get double the energy we have.

It can have an effect on our mood-Eating any snack can elevate your mood but popcorn really has the power to affect your brain chemicals in a positive way. So if blues hit you hard you know what to do!

Your heart will thank you-Now the major problem faced by arteries is cholesterol. It usually clogs them and as a result, our heart starts working slower. A slower heart can render us immobile. Popcorn is actually less in cholesterol and can be a healthier alternative to protein-packed food items or other less oily substances.

It can give you enough Iron– According to the statistics, a major chunk of people suffer from Iron deficiency also known as Anaemia. Although tablets are at our disposal snacking a popcorn or two could be far more interesting.

So it is confirmed that popcorn is a great and healthy snack for weight loss. But you avoid consuming large buckets of buttered popcorn, as they can be high in calories and unhealthy fats. Air-popped or lightly seasoned ones are better than microwave popcorn which usually added contains oil, salt and artificial flavours. If prepared healthily and eaten in moderation, it can surely help you with your weight loss goals. So start munching already!

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