Is Weight Loss Surgery A Good Option : 3 Different Weight Loss Surgeries

Is Weight Loss Surgery A Good Option

In this fast and ever changing world people need to stay fit and healthy. Reducing weight is one of the most difficult thing today as it requires a huge commitment has mental strength to achieve this task. Many doctors or health care professional’s advice the patient for exercise as this is the natural method and the best way to lose weight. However, if the person is too obese or has other health problems due to high weight than surgery is advised by the doctors.

What Is Weight Loss Surgery?

In this the surgery the doctors would change the function of your digestive system and change the shape of it. This is mostly done on the stomach and helps a person shed weight more faster and to get out of any medical conditions that are related to obesity. Weight loss surgery wont alone help you get a fit body, post surgery you would have to exercise regularly and follow the nutrition diet set out by your doctor.

Is Weight Loss Surgery A Good Option

Weight loss surgery is performed on people having BMI index of 35 or higher or on persons who have at least one obesity related medical issues.

Before a weight loss surgery your doctor would examine certain conditions like if you have any kidney disease, liver issues, sleep apnea or some any cardiovascular disease.  Also if you have blood clotting and severe heart conditions you may not be permitted for weight loss surgeries.

Types Of Weight Loss Surgeries

  • Malabsorptive surgery – In this type of surgeries the doctors remove a small portion of your stomach or bypass some part of your digestive tract which makes it hard for you to metabolize and absorb the calories. You feel full quite early and thus lower intake of food. Doctors mostly don’t go for this type of surgeries as there are some side effects for this. This is also called as intestinal bypass surgery.
  • Restrictive surgery – This is the most effective surgery. In this the doctors shrink the size of your stomach so that the digestion process is slowed down. It is been said that a normal stomach can hold up to 3 pints of food, however post surgery your stomach can only hold one pound at first and with over time it will be able to hold 2 or 3 ounces as well. Thus, as you have small stomach the food intake is also low and just reducing weight much faster.
  • Gastric banding surgery – In this type of surgery the doctors or the surgeons puts an inflatable band to divide the stomach into 2 parts – a smaller upper part and a larger lower part. Both these sections are connected by a small channel which helps pass the food. When a person eats the food, it goes into the upper section and the person get full very fast. Thus lower intake of food happens and the person loses weight much faster. However, there are some cons to it. Over a period of time this band gets loosened at people start gaining weight again and if you eat too much too fast there is a risk of you puking as the upper section gets filled very fast. The cons of this surgery is that there is a smaller scar on your stomach as compared to other processes and the recovery time is quite low and is much cheaper than other surgeries.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Really Necessary?

This question can be only answered by a team of doctors who determine your conditions after having run some test. The doctors will explain all the pre and post surgery requirements. The doctors will also let you know the different types of surgeries there are and the pros and cons of each surgery so that you can take an informed decision.

Is Weight Loss Surgery A Good Option

However if you are experiencing a lot of medical issues and the doctors recommend the weight loss surgery it is advisable to take it as to avoid any other major complications that might occur due to over weight. 

Doctors will let you in on a diet plan for the pre surgery and also for post surgery. People will have to quit smoking and drinking during this period and focus on having a healthy diet.

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