Gemma Collins Incredible Weight Loss Story

Gemma Collins Incredible Weight Loss Story

The TOWIE star has been sharing regular updates on her Instagram account, showing off her incredible figure as she continues to shed the pounds.

How Did Gemma Collins Lose Weight?

She’s dropped from a size 24 to a size 16 and can now fit into size 10 clothes. The 34-year-old previously revealed that she had undergone gastric sleeve surgery at the BMI Priory Hospital in Birmingham in February.

How Did Gemma Collins Lose Weight

The reality TV star has lost over two stone following a diet and exercise regime in recent years. She’s been working hard at the gym and trying different diets.

Despite her fame, Gemma has struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

She admitted to having undergone 16 cosmetic procedures in one year and later revealed that she had been diagnosed with diabetes after gaining weight following her appearance on Strictly Come Dancing.

Celebrities have to be in great shape all the time. They must look good on stage, on camera, and on red carpets. The media scrutinize their body shapes.

They are often criticized if they gain weight or don’t look like their old selves anymore.

Celebrities need a personal trainer who can help them stay fit and healthy. Their trainers will give them a diet plan to help them lose weight and keep it off for good.

They also get advice from their nutritionists, who can suggest the best foods to eat so that they will not gain weight again.

Dieting is not easy for most people, especially when trying to lose weight fast.

Still, celebrities are different from us because they have more money than us, thus giving them access to everything anyone can only dream of having, like personal trainers, nutritionists, and diet plans that work well.

In an attempt to shed some pounds, Gemma underwent gastric sleeve surgery in January, but it was unsuccessful, as she lost only 10 kilograms (22 pounds) before gaining 15 kilograms back again.

Why Did Gemma Collins Start Dieting?

 Gemma Collins is a British reality television personality best known for being a cast member on the ITV2 show The Only Way Is Essex.

She has also appeared in various documentaries and made numerous guest appearances on various television shows.

She also starred in her reality show titled My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and its spin-off, Travelling Around the World For Free with Gemma Collins, which saw her travel worldwide.

She has gained a lot of weight over the years and is now at her heaviest weight, 102 kg.

She has been mocked for her weight gain and even called out by other celebrities, such as Lucy Mecklenburgh, who stated that she does not want to be seen with Gemma because of her weight.

Gemma has admitted that she eats a lot, especially junk food like burgers or pizzas.

Still, she does not care what others think about her body shape or size because she has always been bigger than most people in her family since childhood.

She says that she will never go on any diet because it does not work for her, as she always gains more weight than before when she tries to lose it again after stopping dieting.

Actors, models, and other celebrities are often in the spotlight, and their weight and appearance are often topics of discussion.

This can pressure them to be thin and perfect, but it also means that when they gain weight or don’t look as good as they used to, people notice.

Celebrities have a lot of money at their disposal, meaning they can pay for whatever treatment they choose if they want to lose weight.

The same is true for gaining weight if a celebrity wants to bulk up or get ripped for their role.

That being said, plenty of celebrities aren’t afraid to show off their bodies just how they are fat or thin.

Some famous people have even talked about how much happier they feel when they’re overweight rather than trying to be skinny all the time.

Some people don’t take singers or actors seriously unless they’re skinny. This isn’t fair, but it’s true!

Some people think that if you’re fat, you’re not fit for acting or singing because you won’t be able to dance or move around on stage.

So many celebrities lose weight to prove that they can still perform well even if they’re overweight or obese. 

Many brands refuse to endorse celebrities who aren’t skinny enough because they think that consumers will get the wrong message about their products (i.e., that eating junk food will make you look like a celebrity).  

Gemma Collins Diet

The first thing that Gemma collins must do is stop eating fast and processed foods. These types of food do not contain any nutrients, vitamins, or minerals. They are full of sugar and sodium, which are not good for your body.

It would help if you stopped eating carbohydrates because they have no nutritional value.

If you want to lose weight quickly, stay away from red meat because it contains too much fat but if you want to eat it, make sure that it’s lean meat only.

The Gemma Collins diet plan consists of healthy meals that are easy to prepare and several snack options that are good for her busy schedule. Her diet plan is low in carbohydrates and high in protein and fat.

  • Breakfast – Porridge with berries, nuts, and seeds sprinkled on top with coconut oil and cinnamon
  • Lunch – Leftover chicken, salmon, or tuna salad with brown rice or quinoa (carb-free) and salad
  • Dinner – Chicken breast or lean steak with veggies such as broccoli, carrots, and green beans

The Gemma Collins diet plan is also dairy-free because she has lactose intolerance. She avoids these foods because they cause stomach upset and bloating, leading to weight gain.

Sweets, cookies, cakes, and ice cream are not allowed on this diet plan because they contain high amounts of sugar, which can lead to obesity which can cause diabetes as well as heart disease due to high cholesterol levels in the bloodstream, which affects.

Gemma Collins Exercise Plan

In an interview with Closer magazine last year, Gemma revealed that she trains twice daily. She explained she did two cardio sessions – one with weights and one without – and then she did a class like Zumba.

Gemma Collins Exercise Plan

It’s unclear whether this is still true now or whether she has changed her schedule a bit since then, but it seems like Gemma enjoys keeping things fresh by mixing it up every time she goes to the gym!

She has a trainer who helps me stay on track, but we make sure we have fun, too, so if we are doing something that isn’t fun, we will stop and try something else.

Gemma also revealed that she doesn’t have any strict rules regarding what she eats either – which means she can enjoy treats like chocolate cake when she wants them.


Celebrities like Gemma Collins are often put under the spotlight for their physical appearances and often criticized when they don’t look as good as they used to.

The main reason is that they don’t know how to maintain their weight loss. They might have a lot of money and access to the best personal trainers and dietitians, but it’s still hard for them to keep up with their diets because of all the temptations in life.

A lot of people look up to celebrities, especially young people. If a celebrity goes on a diet, many young people will follow suit. Unfortunately for them, most of these young people also lack discipline and fail at maintaining their weight loss goals.

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