Apple Weight Loss Friendly Or Fattening?

Apple Weight Loss Friendly Or Fattening?

Apple is a rich source of several nutrients and they are high in fibre. It is a most loved fruit and is considered a healthy snack that can be easily grabbed in the morning rush hours or whenever you feel like it. They can be consumed in different forms such as jams, syrup, juices, etc. But to get the whole benefits it is recommended to eat it as a whole.

Apple Weight Loss Friendly Or Fattening?

But sometimes the fruit may sound contradictory; is that aid to lose weight or will it make you gain weight?

 Apple Weight Loss Friendly Or Fattening?

In this article, we are discussing apples and their effects on your body to fattening and flattening them.

You might have heard the proverb that an apple keeps a doctor away. That’s true, this incredible round red fruit comprises so much goodness. From keeping diabetes at bay to aiding in weight loss and a lot more. 

Apple comprises water.

The core component of the apple is water and we all know water is a key source to lose weight. Because it is rich in fibres, it will help you to keep full for longer without making you gain weight. Hence, munching an apple can fill your tummy even though it contains more than 86% of water. 

Rather than consuming it in the form of juices. Try consuming it raw. The chewing time will contribute to weight loss and at the same time make you feel full.

An abundant source of fibres 

The average amount of weight loss friendly fibre present in the apple can be around 4 – 5 grams. Fibre-rich foods are always considered to be an aid to weight loss and this convenient fruit can help you to shed some pounds with its fibres.

They are also very good at enhancing gut health. Also, promote better digestion by improving metabolism. 

Fibre foods also make you feel full and at the same time, they promote the process of cutting down the extra fat.

Lower Glycemic Index

The glycemic index scale represents the food blood glucose level. Apple belongs to the list of foods that produce a low glycemic index. Hence, it is a food that can keep the blood sugar level in your body balanced. An intact blood sugar level will suppress the unwanted hunger and aid to ward off the cravings.

Consequently, this fruit can be included in your daily diet plan to keep that blood sugar level optimum. Also, to prevent your body from gaining any excess pounds and to reduce the existing fat.

Contains antioxidants to reduce inflammation.

Apples are a rich source of antioxidants, and they are well known for their property to reduce inflammation. You might be thinking about how it can help in the weight loss process with its antioxidants. But inflammation in our body is primarily caused due to obesity and fat build-up, which is the major reason for the improper production of insulin resistance. Thus, leading to fat gain. 

Quercetin, the antioxidant present in the apple, can reduce inflammation. Therefore, it helps to have proper insulin functioning.

With all these properties of apples, you might be putting your thoughts into ‘apple as a weight-loss aid’ and that’s true. Nevertheless, an over intake of apple in your diet may cause the opposite effect of weight loss; apple is a fruit that contains carbs. Carbs are good and known to provide you with high energy instantly. But overconsumption of this apple can make your body gain weight by restricting the burning of fat. Hence, apply the rule of moderation, and you are good to go.

Apple is an excellent fruit and there is no doubt about that. With all the benefits we discussed before and the minerals, vitamins present in small amounts makes it an overwhelming fruit. The convenience to carry them wherever you go is also a benefit and this convenience can actually help you to replace your unhealthy snack with an apple. The moderate intake will naturally help in the weight loss process, and it is highly recommended to have an apple every day to see its natural health benefits.

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