Insurance Coverage Is The Hardest Part Of Wegovy Weight Loss: Washington Man!

Wegovy insurance coverage

Known as the miracle drug for weight loss, Wegovy is garnering much attention day by day. While many openly reveal using it for weight loss, some are against it. Amid all this fuss, a Washington man has come up with some claims on Wegovy’s weight loss effects.

According to him, there are no adversities to taking the drug for weight loss. The only challenging thing about taking Wegovy is the problem with insurance coverage. Dive into the news to know more about what this Washington man has to say about his experience with Wegovy!

Washington-Based Software Engineer Shares His Wegovy Experience

Bill Carson, a leading software engineer at Microsoft, stated that insurance coverage is the only challenging thing about taking Wegovy for weight loss. Even though, regardless of the cost of the drug, he started taking the drug for weight loss in April 2022.

The 39-year-old was introduced to the drug in late 2021 and started using it to lose some pounds from his body. Being overweight for most ‌of his life, Carlson was at his heaviest, that is, 225 lbs, when he started using Wegovy.

Until then, whatever he did for weight loss didn’t work. He states this experience as a roller coaster ride where the lost weight was regained back after a few times. 

It was in 2021 that; Food and Drug Administration approved Wegovy injections for chronic weight management. According to its manufacturers, Novo Nordisk, Wegovy is a semaglutide variation that can mimic a hormone called glucagon-like-peptide-1 (GLP-1) in the brain.

This hormone is responsible for regulating appetite and cravings. The consistent usage of Wegovy can control your hunger and thereby can lead to weight loss. 

In a recent chat with People magazine, Carlson shared some of his hurdles to getting the drug. According to him, the hardest part of this was dealing with the healthcare system of the United States. Even though his insurance provider covered the cost of Wegovy, he had to get some other authorization for using it.

It was shocking for him as even after providing all his health details, he was denied the coverage initially.  It took him around two months to escape from the tangles of ‌insurance coverage. After getting the authorization, another difficulty arose for him.

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He discovered that the cost of the drug was pretty expensive. But as Carlson had insurance and deductibles along with it, he could get the drug for average rates.

Even though Wegovy was quite expensive, Carlson decided to use it as the pros easily outweigh the cons. He could experience a drastic change in his eating the very first day after taking Wegovy. He had some Mac and cheese for lunch the next day and he only ate half of the box.

There was this feeling of fullness in him, which was new. According to Carlson, he was learning how to eat in the first week of taking Wegovy. It blew his mind as he learned to eat until he feels full. 

Carlson states that he lost around 2 lbs within the first two months of taking Wegovy. So far, he has lost 55 pounds. His doctor checked his blood work during these times for any side effects from the medication. Most doctors opine that some side effects after using this drug are vomiting and constipation.

Carlson also experienced side effects such as nausea, and his doctor prescribed him the medication, Zofran to treat it. But for Carlson, these side effects are minimal compared to his everyday struggles of being obese.

Being obese comes with the feeling of being sick all the time. Wegovy side effects are much better than this situation. Now Carlson weighs around 170 lbs within 11 months of taking Wegovy. He says he feels better than ever and is planning to continue its usage. 

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