PLL Star Lucy Hale Confesses Her Alcohol Addiction And Eating Disorder!

Lucy Hale Alcohol Addiction And Eating Disorder

Lucy Hale, the 33-year-old American actress, and singer has finally come forward and talked about her struggle with addiction and an eating disorder. As she started talking about the same on an episode on Thursday in the podcast “The Dairy of a CEO”, the actress said that she recently celebrated her 1st anniversary of sobriety.

Lucy also shared a message with all her fans on Valentine’s Day and it touched everyone’s hearts. According to the Pretty Little Liars star, she has been struggling with addiction for more than a decade and it was only a year ago when she put a stop to this drinking habit.

Lucy Breaks Down In Tears While Confessing!

Lucy was trying to quit drinking for all those years, but it was the first time in January 2022 she finally stopped it. This is the first time Lucy Hale is talking about it openly.

Chatting about her relationship with alcohol, she talked to the podcaster Steven Bartlett and revealed that since the age of 20, she is working on herself. There were plenty of times when the actress broke down during the discussion.

Lucy Hale Eating Disorder and Alcohol Addiction
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Lucy also said that she has been trying to get sober since she was 20 and today, she is 33. This indicates that the process takes a lot of time. Confessing about her struggles, Lucy said that it took time and patience to deal with the situation.

She even went on to tag herself as a “binge drinker right out of a textbook”. She explained how she used to feel that alcohol would bring her true reflection out but everything suddenly started taking a downfall.

Lucy Hale confessed that alcohol used to do something to her. When she drank, it gave a feeling as if alcohol is exactly what she has been searching for her entire life. She is finally at her honest self. Although Lucy did show her face with the alcohol consumption it was accompanied by pain and rage that she had been holding inside for a long time.

Sharing the experience of her first drinking moment, Lucy Hale said that she started drinking at the age of 14 and it was never about having a few drinks. She was always the kind of person who used to let moderation go.

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Lucy Hale Eating Disorder and Alcohol Addiction
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Apart from her alcohol addiction, Lucy also talked about her eating disorder. While crying, she said that she has struggled with his problem till she was in her mid-20s. She always used to feel out of control.

This happened when she moved to California with her mother to try acting. She said that she used to check her weight at least 20 times and she was eating so less because she never felt enough. This continued till she realized that she wasn’t enjoying her life.

For PLL fans, it might have come as a shock. But throughout the podcast, the battle felt too real for many people who could relate.

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