How To Get Your Breasts Back After Weight Loss? Tips To Follow!

Get Your Breasts Back After Weight Loss

There are plenty of articles that talk all about weight loss and how it can change your life for good. However, seldom do we find write-ups about the way our body looks after a major weight loss. In women especially, you can see a lot of saggy skin around their abdomen. Their breasts also go out of shape as they deflate and undergo a loss in weight as well.

Nobody talks about it but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be addressed. Breasts are an important part of the female body and therefore are linked to their dignity as well. So through this blog, we aim to educate you all about getting back your breasts after you lose those kilos you always wanted to.

What Happens To Your Breasts After Weight Loss?

When your body is obese a huge part of the weight is shared by your breasts. It can expand a cup size or two making you feel bustier. But, if you lose a considerable amount of weight there is a greater risk of deflation.

Breasts Before And After Weight Loss

It could be a loss in its fatty or fibrous composition. Anyhow the overall size of the breast changes as you gradually lose extra fat. Needless to say, this is disheartening for most women.

How To Get Your Breasts Back After Weight Loss?

To be honest, it is a herculean task but that doesn’t mean, it is not possible. Your mental state also has a huge impact on your journey so you must keep yourself stress-free. Getting a perfect body is not everything but it can be a way to get rid of many fatal diseases.

In case you see that your breasts are shrinking as a result of your weight loss you can get it back by following some of the tips given below:

  • Move that muscle -Researchers have shown muscle toning exercises can help sculpt your breasts as well. Chest presses and even half pushups could do wonders.
  • Don’t wait to lift weights-There are several routines available to make your chest broader and bulkier. Pick and choose some of it like bench press and you could get back what you lost.
  • Glamourize your wardrobe with a new bra– Sometimes the problem could be as simple as that and maybe readjusting your bra could be all that is needed.
  • Add fat where fat is needed– This is a non-surgical process called fat grafting. If you visit the right doctor, they would help you pump up some fat from your body to your breasts restoring it to its former size and shape.
  • Lift it up– As we all know that losing weight also leads to sagging and lifting it could be a solution to your problems. It can be done with minimal invasion through Radio Frequency Therapy or Feather lift. While the former increases one’s production of Collagen, the latter lifts it with an artificial thread.
  • Breast implants– All you have to do is contact your plastic surgeon and choose what shape, size, or volume you would want. Silicone and saline implants are placed in surgically and they are now extremely safe. However, talk to your doctor in detail before undergoing surgery about underlying health conditions.
  • Mastopexy – This is all about repositioning your breast where they actually should be to make the skin tighter after weight loss. This should be done under supervision.
  • Breast augmentation-This is another surgical option available for women with extremely frowning breasts. Similar to the implants, breasts are given a push in their volume hoping that they will respond to it better.

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What Could Be The Benefits Of Having Well-shaped Breasts?

There are both psychological and physical benefits that are associated with having perkier breasts which include-

Benefits Of Having Well-shaped Breasts

Gain your lost panache– You can feel confident with a slimmer body and beautiful breasts.

Get that dream body– A zero figure with the right amount of fats at all the right places can help you get that dream body.

Protect yourself from various skin disorders– a saggy breast can accumulate a lot of sweat and dirt below it which could lead to acne and other boils which could be painful.

Improve your heart condition-If you are above 50s, chances are a saggy breast could increase the pressure put on your heart and lungs. 

Relieve yourself of constant back and neck pain– Saggy breasts are not easy to carry around and put a lot of stress on your spinal cord leading to back aches and other neurological woes.

If you are someone who has lost their breast to weight loss, all these could be the options to get it all back. Adjusting your diet and communicating with your doctor is equally primordial before taking any major steps.

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