Can Being Overweight Cause Acne? Link Between Obesity and Skin Health!

Being Overweight Cause Acne

Our body is holy and it is our duty to care for it. Any imbalance in it can cause serious distress. Most importantly all of it is connected. If one part falls apart, the others don’t take much time to crumble. Being overweight can lead to many serious problems. Both internally and externally. They say, our face is the one that shows everything that goes on in our body.

Acnes are a problem that many deal with every day. So can being overweight also cause acne? This blog aims to answer that million-dollar question for you; as descriptively as possible.

Is There A Relationship Between Obesity And Your Skin?

The answer is yes. Obesity does affect our skin health. Studies have shown that patients who are obese suffer from skin diseases twice as much as the ones who are not. This is mainly due to the pressure the extra weight puts on the skin including friction.

Obesity And Skin

Our sweat glands also work extra if we are obese and excessive sweating can cause a lot of skin diseases including tags.

Why Could Overweight People Have More Acne?

As we all know overweight people probably have poor eating habits. Apparently, what we eat has a lot to do with our skin. The greasier the food, the larger the fat content. And fat content is a major cause of acne breakout as it blocks our sebaceous glands which are what keeps our skins healthier.

The oily food can also lead to infections in our pores that affect collagen production too. Now collagen is what keeps your skin lustrous and glowing. Now this is why overweight people are more prone to acne.

Major Skin Problems Due To Obesity

 One can suffer from various problems due to obesity. Some of the skin problems include-

Skin Problems Due To Obesity

◾ Acanthosis Nigricans– It is generally defined by the discoloration of skin in its folds with dark patches. Apart from Diabetes, obesity is also a major cause of this.

Achrochordon– Skin tags are small mounds on the skin that are usually benign. However, a number of them appearing on the body can be quite concerning.

Cellulitis– One develops red skin when infected by Staph and Strep which usually escalates to an abscess.

◾ Varicose veins– Obesity can cause the veins in the leg to grow weak and which can block blood flow.

Hyperandregism– This is usually seen in women where weight gain leads to the production of hormones which in turn leads to PCOD and other uterine-related ailments.

Callus– This one usually forms when the skin goes through a lot of friction and pressure. Mounds tend to appear on the body usually near the toes, knuckles, and elbows.

Capillaritis– It usually shows up on the body as reddening as it is the result of swollen blood vessels.

How To Treat Or Get Rid Of Them?

Though all of them are escalated by obesity, you can look for medications, ablations, or in some cases surgeries to get them removed. Most importantly every cure starts with a clean diet and hence that should be your priority too. Diseases like calluses can be taken out with a scalpel.

However, others like skin darkening can be treated with ointments or cream. When varicose vein becomes a problem for you, it should be taken care of by radiofrequency, surgery, and sclerotherapy.

Concluding Lines

Skin is an important organ. It not only defines us but also holds the key to our identity. Obesity can be one of the major reasons why your skin suffers from some major diseases including acne breakouts. It is imperative that you try and work on your food as well as give up your sedentary lifestyle.


1. Is obesity the only reason for acne and other skin diseases?

The answer is no. It cannot be derived that obesity is the only cause of these problems. However, it does play a major part in their formation and growth.

2. Can eating healthy food improve acne?

Studies do show that improving the intake of food can do wonders. Skipping oily and greasy foods is good for your overall skin health as well.

3. Can obesity cause skin cancer?

Obesity does not directly cause skin cancer, but it is considered a risk factor that can contribute to an increased likelihood of developing certain types of skin cancer.

4. Does the acne caused by obesity only affect your face?

No. Acne can form on your chest, back, neck, and shoulders. In some cases, thighs also fall prey to it.

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