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How Did Charlotte Flair Help Nia Jax Lose Weight? Here’s What Nia Says!

What else is more powerful than women supporting other women colleagues? As women’s strengths and roles have been redefined and acknowledged daily, another good news is coming from the WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment. Nia Jax, the one-time Raw Women’s Champion, has come up praising her colleague, Charlotte Flair, for helping her lose weight.

The former WWE superstar, Jax is all in praise of Flair. Among the rumors of her return to wrestling, the 39-year-old athlete shared her weight loss inspiration from another star in the ring, Charlotte Flair. Dive into the news to find out how Nia Jax got the motivation to get into shape and redefine her career paths!

Nia Jax: Flair Sends Killer Workouts And Motivations

Right now, the world is closely witnessing a beautiful and harmonious relationship between these two WWE stars. It seems these stars are keeping in line with their heroic roots by supporting each other.

Nia Jax, the Australian-born American wrestler is a cousin of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. And Charlotte Flair? She is the daughter of the wrestling phenomenon, Ric Flair, who has been a 16-time World Champion. Now both these WWE sensations are all over the news for their motivating relationship with each other.

Charlotte Flair Helps Nia Jax Lose Weight

It all started when Nia Jax aka Lina Fanene posted a tweet on Sunday about her interaction with Charlotte Flair,  one of the top female professional wrestlers of all time. The tweet addressed to Charlotte says that Jax after attending her wedding revealed to her the concerns regarding her body.

Being one of the heaviest women in WWE, weighing around 272 pounds and a height of 6 feet, Jax had always been a victim of body shaming. Amidst the rumors of her comeback to the ring, Jax posted this tweet attributing Charlotte for helping her.

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According to her, after hearing her concerns, Charlotte decided to help her. Since last October, she has been practicing under the guidance of Charlotte. And it had made a huge impact on her body. By practicing the killer workouts sent by Charlotte, Jax says she has lost around 48 pounds within 6 months. 

Many comments praising Jax and Charlotte had already been appearing under this tweet. Some of them congratulated Jax for losing weight. Some others praised both Jax and Charlotte for being such motivating people and for the positive energy they provide. Many have also asked her to share those killer workouts with them.

Flair had always been known for her athletic body but that doesn’t mean she was always like this. She had to undergo many self-image issues earlier in life. And that is why she can understand someone like Jax, who was always under media scrutiny for being overweight and heavy.

As someone who has faced the bitterness of the body acceptance struggles, who else can motivate to lose weight other than Flair? Anyway, fans of both these WWE stars are super happy on seeing the support they provide for each other. Also, they are waiting for Jax to hit the wrestling arena again.

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