Black Pepper For Weight Loss: Does It Help?

Black Pepper For weight loss

We all know how expensive it is to get even a gram of pure gold. The price does do justice to the shine and glitter it adds to our better. But did you know anything about black gold? No. We are not talking about the gold before it is processed. We are talking about the spice pepper. Pepper is often deemed to be one of the most expensive spices thanks to its demand in the market.

In fact, many explorers set voyages to unknown places in search of this unique spice that set the market on fire literally and metaphorically! So why are we talking some much about pepper? Well, through this blog we aim to find out if you can use black pepper for weight loss or not. Keep reading to find what we find out.

How Can Black Pepper Help You Lose Weight?

We are all familiar with black pepper’s taste and how it ends up being an integral part of most culinary delicacies. But how can a spice like pepper aid weight loss? So, black pepper has a compound called piperine that gives it its chilly aftertaste.

Now piperine can not only give its chilly taste but also a unique property called Thermogenesis. Thermogenesis simply means the increase in body temperature. When you are on a diet, increasing your body temperature is extremely important in order to shed the fat cells and in a way increase your metabolic rate.

So black pepper does just that. Moreover, some studies suggest that it can also help prevent the formation of fat cells which is crucial for your weight loss journey. Next, there are also proofs to suggest how it enhances the production of bile juice which can digest food items more smoothly than ever.

Diabetes patients can face difficulty in losing weight due to sudden fluctuations in blood sugar levels. A spike in the level can increase your cravings for sugar-coated delicacies which is not an option when on weight loss. Additionally, piperine helps in the absorption of other nutrients which means your body will respond well to your diet in general. Seems awesome for a spice of its size, right?

Health Benefits Of Black Pepper

There are plenty of other health benefits that eating pepper can have which are-

Health Benefits Of Black Pepper
  1. Protection for stress– Eating pepper in limited quantities is related to the reduction of stress which can be a cause of cravings when on a diet.
  2. Safety from allergens– A lot of people go through the problems of inflammation. Now its impact can be more than intensive, it can also cause sudden weight loss and pepper prevents this.
  3. Ensuring good heart health– Replacing chilies with pepper can make a huge difference when you are struggling with high blood pressure. Along with the stoppage of cholesterol formation, it can clear the free radicals that can accumulate near the heart to cause blockage.
  4. Prevent bloating– Bloating is a concern more than you can think of. We go through various gastrointestinal problems throughout our life and bloating certainly tops the list. Eating pepper can relieve your body from retaining unwanted water.
  5. Decrease in oxidative stressOxidative stress in cells is what leads them to swell for no apparent reason again hindering our path towards weight loss.

How Can You Consume Black Pepper For Weight Loss?

Now that we know what the king can do let’s delve into the ways we can include it in our diet.

  • Powdered pepper as garnishing– This is as simple as it sounds. Just shake a few flakes on whatever you are eating and sit back for a delicious ride.
  • Use it in tea– You can ground it to be put into your teas as it is a popular Ayurvedic concoction.
  • No soups are complete without them– While salt should be kept at bay, soups can be gifted with this taste-enhancing spice.

When Should You Consume Black Pepper For Weight Loss?

To trigger proper weight loss there are specific times when you can’t eat it to make it as useful as possible and those are-

  1. Before working out -Sprinkle some of it on your pre-workout shake to get the sudden enhancement in energy levels.
  2. On breakfast– Use some on your breakfast to help kick start your metabolic rate.
  3. Before carbs– You cannot skip carbs entirely and when that is the case you can powder some over them to sustain better digestion.

 Things To Remember While Having Black Pepper

If you thought black pepper could be consumed without any restrictions then you couldn’t be more wrong. These are some of the pointers you need to take care of-

  • Look for allergies– Some people might be sensitive to the nature of pepper so you may want to control the quantity.
  • Make sure to be hydrated– Not drinking enough water with pepper-enhanced foods can prove fatal.
  • Do not depend on pepper solely– Make it a part of a protein and fiber-rich diet to take its full potential.
  • Stay away from the store-bought pepper– Processed pepper might have added preservatives that might not give the result intended.
  • Always consult with your trainer– Your trainer might know more about your nutrient requirements and should always be kept in the loop.

Black pepper is considered to be ideal when on a weight loss but as with most items should be kept at bay when it doesn’t suit your needs. Communicate as freely as possible with your dietitian as well as trainer.

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