Important Factor In Healthy Long-lasting Weight Loss


Presently there are so many people all around the world who are suffering from obesity and they want to lose their weight in a healthy way, but losing weight in the long term is much more challenging. Everybody wants an effective result by giving minimal effort. The burning (pun intended) question is, how is it possible?

Some Of The Key Factors In Weight Loss

There are numerous people who got a glowing result from using some weight loss pills and there are many more who got nothing as a result after using those weight loss supplements. It is because not all weight loss supplements suit your body the same way. It is observed that most of the people who had taken those supplements, after getting desirable results stopped consuming those pills and started gaining weight once again.Important-Factor-In-Healthy-Long-lasting-Weight-Loss

Dietary Habits That Will Help You Shed Some Extra Pounds:

Obese people have some significant health problems like blood pressure, poor cholesterol, etc. It is true that if you drink plenty of water on a daily basis and make it a habit, you will get healthy results for sure. However, your food habit is also important for getting a healthy and long-lasting weight loss. Including healthy foods in your daily meal is the most important part that improves your health.

Balancing Calories – The most important element in weight loss is calorie balance. According to many nutritionists and dietitians, do not eat fatty and sugary foods. You just need to stop eating fast food. Stop eating cookies, chips, cakes, white bread, basically foods which contain excess calories, and those are not appropriate for losing weight. It is mirrored that whoever has already been successful to lose weight, they have taken a fewer calories food. Every single study has shown that taking fewer calories in food is the key to successful long-term weight loss.

No Refined Carbs – Refined carbohydrates are the worst when it comes to fighting obesity. Replace it with whole grains. Studies have shown that if you opt for whole grants over refined carbs, it will help lower your body mass index (BMI).

This will further result in stabilizing inflammation of the visceral fats, a special kind of fat that surrounds your important internal organs. 

Lean Protein Is A Must – According to FDA, an average male should intake 55-90 grams of protein daily. For a female, this amount gets reduced to 45-75 grams a day. Adding protein to your diet is a must because proteins are the building blocks of muscles. Pick a lean source of protein, preferably in chicken, lamb, or beef for meat. If you prefer fish, seafood, or eggs you can opt for them as well. Try to avoid egg yolks because they are full of saturated fat. Some plant-based proteins are also gaining popularity among vegetarians, such as legumes, quinoa, beans, and tofu.

Leafy Greens And Vegetables – Vegetables are packed with nutrients. You can eat as much of them as you want without increasing calories in your diet. Vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, brussels sprouts, spinach, tomato, swiss chard, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower or kale are great for your tummy as they are easily digestible as well. Avoid vegetables that grow under soil, namely potatoes. 

Other Sources – In order to lose weight eat fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, oatmeal, low-fat dairy products on a regular basis. Avoid oils that contain a high amount of trans fat such as coconut oil or mustard oil. Drinking coffee or tea can boost metabolism. Drink water every hour.

Exercise Daily And Stay Fit : 

Exercises take a crucial part on the ground of losing weight. Regular exercises are needed to promote blood circulation throughout your body. Increasing physical activity is an essential component who have issues regarding overweight. 

Particularly your cardiovascular and belly fat will be shed away after you start jogging, cycling, swimming, or any other exercise. Daily exercise can reduce adipose tissues, especially white adipose tissues (WAT) which is directly responsible for weight gain. You do not need to go to the gym or go through rigorous exercises to achieve the desired effect, some freehand exercises or simple yoga will suffice. 

Enough Sleep Can Make You Slimmer. No Joke! :

A sufficient amount of sleep on a regular basis is a must for your psychological and mental health. Researchers have found that psychologically imbalanced people are more prone to get overweight. It is necessary for your brain to take a healthy amount of rest in order to function properly. Oversleeping and undersleeping both are equally bad as they affect your energy level and you feel either lazy or severely sleepy all day long. Six to eight hours of sleep is more than enough for an average adult human. You can add or reduce a couple of hours, depending on your routine. 

The Bottom Line :

Sometimes obesity is linked to parents’ genes, but it sounds more like an excuse to avoid a healthy life lifestyle than the actual problem. In a nutshell, as soon as you start reducing your appetite by eating healthy and intaking a lower amount of carbs, you can potentially lose around 2 – 4 kg in the first week. Add exercises to it and you can lose even more free fat. Daily meditation is also beneficial for your mental well–being. 


Lastly, drink a lot of water. I can not emphasize it enough because it is by far the most forgettable task in our daily routine and the most important as well. Avoid saturated and trans fat as they can make you obese quickly. Include soluble fiber in your diet. Fibers are the part of food that our digestive system can not process, so foods that are rich in soluble fiber can digest and get out of your system effortlessly. You can also use fiber supplements instead of soluble fiber. 

So, which way do you think you are taking? Getting slim quicker using supplements, or do you want to take the long road of leading a proper life?

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