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Shaquille O’Neal Weight Loss: How He Accomplished His Goals!

Shaquille O'Neal Weight Loss

It seems athletic professionals are getting serious about their fitness after retirement! The latest on this list is Shaquille O’Neal, who recently lost a considerable amount of weight. The former American basketball player is on a path of determination to lose more weight and get into shape.

Dive into the news to find out how Shaquille O’Neal has accomplished his weight loss goals and what are his further plans!

Shaquille O’Neal Is Determined To Lose More Weight 

Shaquille O’Neal is the latest one on the celebrity weight loss radar. The former American basketball player has talked about a 40-pound weight loss and is still counting. At the end of 2022, the veteran sportsman revealed the details regarding his weight loss journey in a chat with ET’S Nischelle Turner.

According to him, he was planning to lose 20 more pounds in 2023. And the deadline for his weight loss was set to be on his birthday in March. Three months later, he opened up about a 20-pound weight loss which means the basketball veteran has ticked off his goals from the list. 

Shaquille O'Neal Is Determined To Lose More Weight 

In a recent Instagram footage, the NBA legend looked stunning with his new muscular physique. In the clip, the star can be seen practicing some lat pulldowns. Compared to his previous Instagram photos, the football star is trimmed down way better.

Shaquille O’Neal had been part of the NBA for around 19 years and has been the most dominant center in the history of American professional football. He has won four NBA titles and an MVP and 14 All-NBA selections. 

Shaq And His Weight Loss Journey

In an earlier interview, Shaq revealed that it was at a point in his life he reached a weight of 147 kg that the sports star decided to lose weight. He felt that he was starting to look old. During an episode of the  ‘Impaulsive’ podcast with Logan Paul, he admitted that his NBA TV co-host Charles Barkley was the inspiration for his weight loss.

Looking at his own body, Shaq realized he had that Charles Barkley retirement body. He decided that he didn’t want to have a midriff bulge and then made sure to get fit. 

Since his weight loss journey that started last year, Shaq has admitted to a weight loss of more than 25 kg. According to him, he has transformed from 401 pounds to 365 pounds. And his goal is to reach 345. The basketball veteran funnily remarked that he wants to have muscles all over his body and wants to do an underwear ad with his sons.

When asked what his workout methods are, Shaq revealed that he does cardio for 30-40 minutes. After that, he engages in core exercises that employ muscles in the chest, biceps, arms, and triceps. He admitted that he can’t do all that CrossFit exercise now and is doing the simple old-man workout. 

It was when the veteran basketball player was diagnosed with sleep apnea, he decided to take his fitness seriously. Shaq admitted to taking painkillers, but he clarified that he was not dependent on these drugs.

When asked about his diet changes, the sports star revealed that he cut down some of his favorite food items. He had to quit eating bread, cakes, and cookies and shifted to eating salads, fish, protein shakes, and fruits. Along with this, he learned to practice portion control.

Shaq’s weight loss journey was not always a smooth one. In 2020, he lost the motivation to work out and get fit due to some personal losses. It includes his sister, Ayesha Harrison-Jex’s death and the sudden demise of his fellow Lakers player, Kobe Bryant. 

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According to him, he experienced many losses in 2020. These traumas made him shun away from the outer world and forced him to indulge in Netflix and binge-eat. But when the decision to lose weight was taken, he experienced some positive changes. As part of this, he began eating better and was able to make proper decisions. 

In many of his interviews, Shaq revealed his fascination with sandwiches. He describes himself as a sandwich guy, who ate sandwiches as meals. He even had a habit of waking up at 3 in the morning and eating a sandwich.

But when he decided to lose weight, he shifted toward more healthy diets and fitness goals. As part of this, he started hitting the gym on a strict basis. Right now he follows a healthy lifestyle. His morning meal includes a protein shake and then he starts to work out. After this, he eats egg wraps and salads. As part of his dinner, he consumes chicken and steak. 

Shaquille O’Neal Collaboration With Weight Loss Firm

Amidst his weight loss journey, Shaq collaborated with Novex Biotech, a weight loss supplement company. As part of his association with Novex, he could launch the Shaq Pack of supplements that could help guys of his age with muscle mass and weight loss.

Shaq Pack is a supplement combo that includes a variety of products from Novex Biotech to accelerate weight loss. It includes 120 capsules of GF-9, 90 tablets of TestroVax, and a free OxyDrene NAD+Enhancer. The campaign features the weight loss journey of Shaquille O’Neal and encourages customers to lose weight in the Shaq way. 

Even though Shaq can seem like a fitness freak here, he says he doesn’t want to be known like that. But fitness is important for him and he will say the secret behind his weight loss is PJM. By PJM Shaq means Professional Jealousy Motivation.

It is when seeing other people who flaunt their muscular bodies and fit figure, Shaq gets an inspiration to work out and get in shape. Whatever method he chooses, we can be sure of the determination of Shaq. He has always been a person who follows his word and considers action more important than words. 

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