Ben Napier’s Weight Loss: What Makes It So Inspiring For Middle Ages?

Ben Napier's Weight Loss

Ben Napier is known for his famous American Television series Hometown. He is a well-renowned host of this series which is aired on HGTV. Until recently Ben was a large-built man with a height of 6’6 and a weight of approximately 302 pounds.

But in recent times, Ben has significantly lost a huge chunk of his weight, especially after his daughter was born. Read on to find out the reason behind Ben Napier’s weight loss.

Why Did He Lose Weight?

When he was asked what is the sudden reason behind his weight loss, Ben stated having his daughter Helen has pushed him to become healthier such that he will have more time with his daughter and have the opportunity to watch her grow up. This was the factor that made him realize he wants to lose weight.

Why Did Ben Napier Lose Weight

Ben also stated that his family has a history of having strokes and added his grandfather passed away from a stroke when his mother was a child 17 this made him more cautious of his weight and enabled him to take action to shed those extra pounds. 

Ben Napier’s Weight Loss Routine

When you look at Ben Napier’s weight loss routine, you can note that it was not designed for the short term. His weight loss journey has been carried out for over 9 years and it involved a strict diet and exercise routine on his part. 

He followed intermittent fasting and actively cut carbs from his diet and he started waking up early in the morning around 4 am to play ball and stay active during those early hours. His workout routine and diet plans are so strict that in the three seasons of Home Town, he lost around 35 pounds and within the fifth season he lost 55 pounds.

Ben Napier's Weight Loss Routine

Ben stated between this time and two months later when he was to interview about his weight loss journey he felt even lighter and all his clothes starts appearing big for him. Even after his first girl was born he was focused on remaining healthy to be around his child for a significant period.

After his second child Mae was born in 2021, he aired an intense workout session of his in January 2022 in one of the latest episodes of Hometown and started a new fitness regimen on the same show. The older he got old, the better he started taking care of his health. 

Why Ben Napier’s Weight Loss Is Inspiring?

Last March 2023, Ben had to undergo surgery to have his rotator cuff repaired and trim his cartilage. This was the time when a new season of Home Town was aired and around the airing of the seventh episode, Ben has already shed another 65 pounds, says his wife Erin.

Ben says the more he ages, the more responsible has become with his life and his lifestyle choices and this is one of the major reasons for him to take active participation in his life and work out every day and follow a strict diet, making him healthier by the day. 

And as he ages, Ben Napier has started prioritizing what is important in his life without worrying about every next step he takes and has made him make being healthy his priority. The decision to lose weight and follow through with it is not an easy task.

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It is a mental game and it is important to make a perfect health plan without mindlessly following a strict diet for a few days and returning to binging after a few days. Hence it is essential to make the weight loss journey a pleasant one that can be followed through for years.

In one of his Instagram posts, Ben has captioned how he has come from a lineage of men who are big and who have never discussed what it takes to remain healthy unless they come up with a health issue that makes them take an active effort to focus on their health. He stated he became extra cautious of his health in 2014 when his father had to undergo bypass surgery.

This surgery of his fathers was the attention call he needed in his life to be more aware of his health. Ben stated even though he has started his exercise routine and diet plans earlier, this was the exact moment that made things too real for him and this was his wake-up call to make being healthy a number one priority for him.

Staying healthy is not an overnight job and Ben Napier has taken an active decision to remain healthy every day this helps him not to lose track of why he wanted to start losing his weight in the first place. 

When it comes to Weight loss, it is more about remaining healthy and happy instead of shedding a few extra pounds and by maintaining a healthy workout routine and active lifestyle you never have to worry about reversing any additional weight that has been lost. 

What was the challenging part of his weight loss journey?

Ben also shared a glimpse of the challenging part he had to endure during craft services at his work. He said how just a few years ago he could go all day eating chips, snacks, and catered lunch all day, but while filming season three of Hometown it was absolute torture for him.

Ben says mindful eating and being active should be a part of your daily lifestyle if you plan on remaining fit in the long run as this ensures you do not deny your body any of its favorite foods. By making two changes to his lifestyle consciously by exercising more and eating less by avoiding carbs, Ben Napier has experienced a huge transformation in his weight and overall health in a relatively shorter period.

Ben Napier's Weight Loss Journey

Ben’s wife Erin also states how happy she is about her husband’s transformation and added although she loves her husband at any size. When Ben was obese she was constantly afraid of Ben getting affected by heart issues and would often wake up sweating thinking Ben had heart failure.

But now that he has finally started focusing on his health, every time she hears him play basketball every morning, she is finally grateful for how strong his heart is and has got the hope that both of them would grow old together.

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Final Take

Ben’s transformation is noteworthy and it reflects how serious he is about his commitment to remaining healthy unless other weight loss stories where weight loss is achieved within a few months. Ben’s journey is a testament to what a healthy life requires and what it looks like and his Before and after pictures on socials are proof that weight loss requires consistent effort on your part to remain healthy. 

Ben Napier says he is feeling lighter and better every day and this makes him relieved of his transformation. In addition to shedding his excess fat, this change in routine has made him more physically active and promoted his overall health.

Ben Napier says he has taken active participation in altering his lifestyle and has taken step number one towards leading a healthy and long life. His journey is a live testament to what happens when you are consistent in what you are doing.

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