Which Is More Effective: Oats Or Muesli For Weight Loss?

Oats Or Muesli For Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, everyone has an opinion. Plenty of suggestions means plenty to debate. A glance at the internet and you will know the kind of confusion people are in. It is always hard to make a choice. Being on a diet makes it all the more hard. What should be eaten in a day at breakfast, dinner lunch everything carefully planned out, in minimal portions.

Now how do you choose what goes in and what goes out? We are not talking about obvious ones like desserts or sweets but more refined ones like oats or muesli. There are two different schools of thought supporting both of these.

While both are beneficial in their own way, we need to opt for something that helps us lose Kilos faster and in greater amounts. So we have taken the onus upon us to solve that million-dollar question for you-Oats or Muesli for weight loss? Read on to know what we discover.

What Are Oats?

Given the current scenario with diet-conscious people all around us, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t know what oats are. They are a kind of grain that can be eaten in place of high-carb ones like rice or wheat. There are a number of flavours available in the market including spicey ones and sweet ones. However, do take care while adding anything to the meal.

What Is Muesli?

Muesli isn’t quite different from oats. Yet it does showcase some changes as it is made with the process of rolling oats, Rolling oats including processing them like taking their husking off and filtering them. These are then broken down into flakes and added along with raisins, bran, or even cornflakes. Compared to oats, these are tastier and should be eaten with milk.

Benefits Of Eating Oats

Benefits Of Eating Oats

🌾 Be free from allergies– Getting allergies is pretty common. Even if it doesn’t flare up, allergens can build up free radicals which leads to incomplete digestion.

🌾 Fibre up-Oats are full of dietary fibre which helps your stomach to make digestion better.

🌾 Lower cholesterol– cholesterol can lead to coronary problems and if oats lower it, chances are our heart too stays healthy.

🌾 Protects from Diabetes-Diabetes happens when your body cannot get your sugar level in control due to the insufficient production of insulin. Oats are known to lower the blood sugar level and regulate the production of Insulin.

🌾 No more stiff stools– Constipation is a very serious condition and can be caused due to the lack of fiber. Being a fiber, oats help toward this endeavor.

Benefits Of Eating Muesli

Benefits Of Eating Muesli

🥣 Treasure trove of nutrients– Now we need nutrients as much as we get and Muesli is an excellent source for those. Not just that any bad nutrients that can otherwise mess up our system get washed away as it is usually soaked and eaten the morning after.

🥣 There’s protein in it– Usually Muesli is eaten in combination with nuts or seeds. Nuts and seeds are good for protein so you can easily get some in.

🥣 Make your bones all happy– Bone strength is key to posture and your full functioning. Having strong bones ensures that you are physically active.

🥣 Happy eyes– Being full of Vitamin A makes it ideal for eye health. If you think things are getting a little blurry then maybe add muesli to your diet.

🥣 No more free radicals-Free radicals can shake up a lot of things including your metabolic rate.

Which Is Better: Oats Or Muesli For Weight Loss?

We have looked closely at the benefits of the two. Most of their benefits are closely related and both are excellent choices if weight loss is on your mind. Now as you are on a diet, you want to eat something that keeps you full for longer yet is low in calories. In this case, oats or oatmeal can be your ideal choice.

You might be thinking how that happens. Oats are full of Beta-Glucan which helps delay our hunger pangs. Muesli, on the other hand, also has a similar effect but in diminished capacity since it is highly polished.

Apart from that, both are filled with fiber helping in smoother processes for the body. Moreover, oats contain Manganese, Vitamin B1 and B5, Iron, and Calcium while Muesli has Potassium, Vitamin E, C, and B-12. Researchers have also found that Muesli is rich in Protein and minerals owing to the fact that it is filled with nuts and seeds additionally.

To answer the question we have at hand if you are all about losing weight, then you should pick Oats as your food of choice. This is because of a simple reason that Oats come without any adulteration. All the condiments and garnishes we add are based on our choice and therefore is easy to take a Calorie count.

Muesli comes with dried fruits, raisins, and cashews and may also contain cornflakes in little amounts. All these have a fair amount of sugar in them. Sugar on a weight loss diet is a very bad idea. Not only is keeping the count on calories difficult but it also elevates our hunger.

While eating oats seems to be a better idea for weight loss, it in any way doesn’t mean Muesli isn’t good enough. It is a good way to eat a full breakfast. To control the amount of sugar, you might have to cut down on the portion though.

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