Austin Butler Talks About His AWFUL Diet Plan He Had For Elvis Role!

Austin Butler Diet For Elvis

As an actor or actress, fitting into the character is one of the most important tasks for any new project. If the movie demands you to look too thin, you have to drastically reduce your weight.

On the contrary, if the role in your next movie wants you to look fat or at least have a similar physique to the character, you have to gain weight. The same happened with Austin Butler who followed such a diet that didn’t go down well with him.

Austin’s Weird Ice Cream Diet For “Elvis”

Austin Butler is an American actor who is well-known for his role in Elvis, The Intruders, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, etc. Just like any other dedicated Hollywood actor, Austin Butler too followed a strict diet. But as confessed by him, it was an awful diet because he drank plenty of ice cream to increase his weight.

While talking about the same in an interview, Austin said that he heard this technique from Ryan Gosling who used to microwave Haagen-Dazs and drink that ice cream when he was preparing for the role in The Lovely Bones.

Austin Butler Weird Ice Cream Diet For Elvis
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Austin Butler started following the same routine and would often buy two dozen doughnuts for himself and gobble them up. Soon he started gaining weight and the whole thing looked fun for a week.

After that, the person starts feeling bad about himself and since they were planning to shoot the movie in chronological order, the diet went out of the window because of COVID. Continuing it became impossible.

When Austin Butler acted in the Elvis movie, he already fits into the role while auditioning. After the role was offered to him, the epidemic of COVID interrupted everything. The filming stopped in Australia.

Remembering that time of the movie, Austin Butler shared in the interview that the movie was shut down for two weeks which slowly turned into six months. It came to a moment when Baz took Austin for a dinner and discussed that the actor may have to travel back to the states. He thought that the movie would not happen at all.

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Austin Butler won BAFTA Award For Elvis
Austin Butler won BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Elvis: Getty Images

But Austin Butler being the determined actor turned down the proposal of going back. He rented an apartment in the country and stayed there till production resumed. The reason Austin didn’t return to the states was that he feared losing the momentum.

He revealed that he could wait for a year and thankfully, the production began in 2020 September. The movie got a critical success. It seems like the hard work he went through all this while regarding his acting and awful diet paid off.

The movie, Elvis was a commercial success and Austin Butler received the award for Best Actor in Motion Picture at Golden Globes and BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. It acclaimed him the success he wanted to get for a long time.

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