Sleeping An Hour Extra Leads To Weight Loss, Study Claims!

Sleeping and Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the scariest struggles that one cannot rescue. We have numerous diet charts and plans that work comprehensively to melt down the extra calories and get the perfect figure.

No surprise, but many Hollywood celebrities just work hard enough to cope with the most amusing (or horrific) diet plans just to lose some extra calories! No, you’re not alone in thinking of the easiest way out – who wants to go to the gym anyway?

Coming back to the catch, according to the reports, there is a study conducted that confirms losing the extra calories just by mere sleeping! Yes, you heard it right.

Sleep More And Lose Weight

We consume around 2000-2200 calories in our daily routine, and guess what you can now lose approx 270 calories just by sleeping for an extra hour!

Yes, a new study was conducted to confirm that an extra hour of sleep can shed 270 calories and make you less conscious than ever.

Sleeping and Weight Loss

This is also said to be more effective than any intermittent fasting and another dieting. When you’re awake, you tend to eat and that results in more calorie intake- on the other hand when you’re sleeping you tend to rest and burn calories at a slower pace, but with more energy-saving (enough to not feel hungry fast).

One should have a healthy approach to diet plans and sleeping is just one of the saviors of all- you need to sleep an hour or hour and a half for the day and you’ll be done! This process is healthier than the other ones and requires little effort. 

Imagine eating 3 chocolate biscuits and burning them off with mere sleeping- how’s that? One of the best things in the world! This is the miracle diet solution and burning it is easier with sleeping. 

Sleeping and Weight Loss

The study was conducted by the University of Chicago and looked at the possible ways in which sleep will interact with obesity patterns and affect them accordingly. They also have a planned journal on the same called Jama internal Medicine that conducted an experiment on some of the adults and made them sleep 1.5 hours extra (their sleeping pattern was 6.5 hours), and later found the difference.

Later, Dr. Esra Tasali found that healthy sleeping habits do wonders and one should get its full benefits by sleeping timely, and not caring about the stresses of life. Eat whatever you want, but in moderation, and sleep like the king!

What are your thoughts on this new study? Ready to try it? We know you are!

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