Liquid Thickeners Reduce Blood Sugar After Eating: Study

Liquid Thickeners Reduce Blood Sugar After Eating

The percentage of people diagnosed with diabetes is increasing worldwide. As of the reports by International Diabetes Federation(IDF), around 537 million people around the globe are diagnosed with diabetes. And from this estimate, it is learned that more than 37 million adults in the United States are suffering from diabetes. 

Diabetes is a chronic health disease that affects the human body’s ability to produce glucose and regulate blood sugar levels. If people don’t care much about this health condition, this could bring grave results that could even cost the life of a person. The most common issues faced by a person who suffers from diabetes are severe cardiovascular disorders and failure in the proper functioning of her body. But if cared for properly, all these conditions can be cured. 

How The Fluid Thickeners Lower Blood Sugar?

In the latest study carried out by researchers in Japan, it is discovered that xanthan gum-based fluid thickeners reduce blood glucose levels in human beings after eating. As you are aware, most health disorders are the results of some or the other variation occurring inside the human body. And in most cases, almost every disorder is one way or another other related to the increase in blood glucose levels. But as per researchers, it is learned that certain food items like condiment vinegar and dietary fibers are effective in reducing blood sugar or blood glucose levels if they are taken along with your meal. 

Xanthan gum-based fluid thickeners reduce blood sugar

Dietary fibers help increase insulin response, stimulate your metabolism, and help create a positive impact on your gut microbiome. And one such dietary fiber is xanthan gum which is used in cooking as a fluid thickener. It helps prevent choking in patients who find it difficult to swallow food items. 

This scientific research was carried out in order to test whether fluid thickeners carry any additional health benefits, especially on postprandial blood glucose levels that are connected to gene expression in the gastrointestinal tract and the gut microbiome. 

For this study, rats were divided into two groups and they are provided with liquid thickened with a xanthan gum-based fluid thickener and saline for five weeks. And to test the improvements, oral glucose tolerance tests were taken four weeks after starting the experiment. The blood glucose levels are measured within certain intervals and the RNA was also collected using the qPCR method from different parts of the gastrointestinal system tissues. And after years of research, the scientists came up with results that exhibited variations in blood glucose levels. The rats that were provided with thickened liquid had significantly lower blood glucose levels than those provided with glucose. 

Not only blood glucose levels but also their variations in gut microbial composition in the test rats that are provided with thickened liquid. Also, there was a certain increase in the amount of good intestinal bacteria like Erysipelotrichales and Christensenellaceae. Both these bacterias develop short-chain fatty acids which safeguard intestinal and pancreatic cells that help in insulin secretion. And from this research as a whole, it is found that xanthan gum-based fluid thickener helps prevent aspiration and even helps improve glucose and lipid metabolism. 

The study was carried out by researchers at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University. And according to the study, it is discovered that xanthan gum is a gelatinous soluble fiber that creates a non-diffusible aqueous layer that impacts the circulation rate of nutrients into the intestinal lumen and prohibits nutrient absorption by increasing absorption time.

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