Bulking Up At Home: Effective Weight Gain Exercises!

Weight Gain Exercises That You Can Do At Home

Weight gain exercises are not very popular. There we said it! How are you supposed to build a body when most people don’t even think about it? We know it hurts. All these discussions are about weight loss and not a word about weight gain.

No customized diets, no particular workout routines, and you are all left to fend for yourself. So in case you find yourself in the quagmire again, you will not be all alone. This blog will enlighten you with 10 weight gain exercises you can do at home. 

Weight Gain Exercises That You Can Do At Home

You would probably be wondering if doing a workout can help gain weight. We know it does help weight loss but really weight gain? Then let us tell you this, targeting muscle groups with certain exercises can help in muscle gain which helps you bulk up. So how do they work?

Weight gain exercises facilitate certain body processes that work towards putting on the kilos. Primarily, they help us to build muscle. Muscle tissues are made when you work and they entirely build up your body mass. Gaining weight is not about accumulating fats, it is about having the right metabolic rate to process what you eat.

Exercise helps you regulate those. Most people don’t put on weight because they don’t eat regular meals. This is where workouts come into play. Workouts create a lot of hunger as we get tired we eat more which will accomplish our mission.

Hormones are extremely important for all our body functions but seldom do we pay attention to them. Taking a 30-minute workout break can do wonders for you by letting your juices flow and reducing stress. It can make you gain significant weight.

Moreover, your protein-rich diet should be complemented by heavy workouts otherwise, unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Proteins can only be converted into muscles by physical activity.  Lastly, an increase in bone mass aids in having a stronger body which has a better immune and digestive system.

Now without further delay, let’s catch a glimpse of the much-anticipated list of weight gain exercises that are about to change your life or at least your body.

Weight Gain Exercises

💪  Pull-ups: Apart from building upper body strength, they are great for sustaining stamina. All you have to do is install a bar horizontally on a sturdy wall and place your body weight on it. Make sure your chin is above the rod before pulling yourself down. Keep your legs crossed and try maintaining the right posture.

 💪 Squats: Those are extremely popular among celebrities and we are not surprised. These are some of the easiest ways to get a proper workout. All you have to do is make sure your shoulders and knees are aligned with each other, Resume the resting position, and slowly go up and down. Don’t get all the way up but only until you feel the pressure on your calves and thighs.

 💪  Bench press: Get a weight board set up in your house and you can certainly use it to try on various routines. The most basic one has to be performed by lying flat on the board and locking your leg at the barbell.

 💪 Crunches: Again to help put pressure on your abdominal muscles, make a sleeping position and then curl yourself by bringing your knees and your neck together.

 💪 Tricep Dips: They perform what pull-ups do to your upper body, stretch the lower half of your body. Grab a chair, stand in front of it, and now resume sitting position with your back towards the chair. Now slowly place your hands on the edge of the chair and try going up and down slowly.

 💪  Push-ups: Everyone already knows how to do a push-up but in case you are a neophyte, lay down on the floor facing towards it. Now slowly lift up your body weight on your elbows by placing it on the floor. After lifting the upper half, put pressure on your lower half by pressing the toes on the floor. Go up and down and keep your back straight.

 💪 Glute kickback: Stand on all fours. Now gently lift up each leg for a backward kick and resume the position. This one is good for thighs and glutes as its name suggests.

 💪 Burpees: They go in three stages and it can be a good rep exercise in case you are short on time. First do a squat, without breaking the rhythm lay down for a pushup, and then jump right up. That is one single squat set.

 💪 Lunges: Stand straight and place one leg in front of the others making a half squat. Continue it with the other leg and go a distance. Ensure the 90-degree angle is maintained with the distance between your ankle and thighs.

 💪  Deadlifts: If you think this works only at gyms, you couldn’t be more wrong. You can pick up any object including dumbbells or kettle bells in the comforts of your home. Make sure you maintain the distance and posture.

Weight gain exercises are as important as diets. One shouldn’t be replaced with the other. However, if the high costs of the gym are stopping, the list above will restore your faith in humanity! Listen to some music and now work those muscles. Get that summer beach bod already!

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