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Selena Gomez Weight Gain: Her Savage Response To Body-Shaming Trolls

Selena Gomez Weight Gain

In the context where many celebrities are slowly coming forward for advocating body positivity and openly admitting being in love with their bodies as it is, the recent body shaming trolls on Selena Gomez has become a matter of heated discussion.

The 30-year-old actor and singer had to face an online attack on her body during the 2023 Golden Globe Awards. As the saying goes, ‘ the best revenge is not to take any revenge at all’, Selena has diminished the power of the trollers by simply laughing at them and having fun with her little sister.

Selena Gomez at the Golden Globes 2023

Selena attended the ceremony with her younger sister Gracie Elliot Teefey. Selena looked stunningly graceful in her strapless black velvet gown which was supplemented by plum purple sleeves.

Selena Gomez at the Golden Globes 2023
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Selena was nominated for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy TV Series for her character in Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building. Soon after her pictures began spreading on social media handles, many comments were written regarding how much weight she has gained.  All these comments were focused on her body weight and why she has gained weight. The comment sections were filled with discussions on her body and whether she is suffering from any conditions to gain this much weight. According to many reports, Selena has replied to those hateful and body-shaming comments in her Instagram live video.

Selena’s response to body-shaming comments

Selena was seen along with her 9-year-old little sister in the live video. In the video, she responded to those body-shaming trolls saying, “I’m a little bit big right now because I enjoyed myself during the holidays.”

Along with that she looked at her little sister and said that even though they had fun, they don’t regret it at all. She added ” “But we don’t care”. After saying this, both of them were giggling together which clearly shows that she has zero f**ks to give to those body shamers and trollers.

This is not a new experience for Selena Gomez as she had always been subjected to hateful comments through social media. In 2019, it even caused her to take a break from the apps by deleting them because apparently, they had made her “depressed”.

Over the years she has grown accustomed to the social media culture and that is evident from her recent live video response. Many people who follow and admire her have opined that she doesn’t have to reply to those paparazzi who body shame her. But her recent live video is a pretty good example of her maturity and bravery as she replied to those comments with sarcasm and a sense of humor. 

Selena's response to body-shaming comments

By laughing out the hateful commentators and mocking them, she has set a model standard for how to deal with those body-shaming bullies online. Her backlashing reply was cheerfully accepted by her ardent followers. But it was not an overnight revelation to Selena to lash out at these paparazzi in a humorous way. She had undergone several such criticisms and comments even before. She was body shamed for being skinny earlier when she was in a relationship with Justin Beiber. All these criticisms and comments taught her one thing. The crowd is like a dog and their job is to bark at anything they see. That learning is what made Selena stronger and it is reflected in her recent reply to her jobless critics. 

In times when everyone has an opinion on everything, celebrities like Selena Gomez are a real inspiration. By firmly standing on her ideals she is inspiring us to deal with fat shaming in a positive way since it has an adverse effect on people. Even though the actress hasn’t gained a Golden Globe, she deserves one for her boundless authenticity and spiritedness.

Selena is currently excited for season 3 of her show Only Murders In The Building. The actress shared her excitement on Instagram, revealing Meryl Streep would be joining the cast.

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