Nutrient-rich Vegan Foods For Healthy Weight Gain!

Vegan Foods For Weight Gain

People get so obsessed with weight loss that they forget how important it is to maintain a healthy weight. Anorexia is not a healthy form and not an obvious one. For those trying to put on some, it seems like a gargantuan task, and rightly so. While meat is always the first choice for a healthy weight gain we are here to discuss some vegan options. Yes, you heard right.

You don’t have to eat meat to put on some kilos. Now what should you eat and how can you do that? We will uncover that and some more about vegan foods for weight gain. Read along to find out what they are.

Vegan Foods For Weight Gain

There are enough myths going around about vegan food. One of the most prevalent ones is the belief that vegan foods are never high in calories and therefore cannot be used to put on weight. This is not true since high-calorie vegan foods for weight gain are available. You might wonder how they do that.

Mostly, gaining weight is all about eating anything surplus to reverse the deficit. Vegan options provide high calories and make our body pick up the slack if we much on them regularly. Some also believe that vegan foods are full of nutrients that aid in proper functioning of the body which means you can gain weight holistically. This is much healthier than putting on weight in certain parts of the body specifically.

Additionally, vegan foods are known to contain a lot of fats which are healthy when compared to meat alternatives. While meat fats could harm cardiac health in no way can vegan foods cause such harm though they provide the same nutrients.

Nutrient-rich Vegan Foods For Healthy Weight Gain!

Many non-vegetarians argue that meats are rich sources of protein. Now to put on weight and enhance your muscle growth, you do need lots and lots of protein. But vegan options should also provide the same effect if eaten in large quantities.

There is no scientific base for the fact that people who eat only vegan gain less weight than those who eat meat. Lastly, it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to get what you need without disrupting nature’s cycle.

Knowing what they can do, you would probably want to get into the list of vegan foods for weight gain and they include-

1. Tofu 

It is the new chicken as one can find it in salads, smoothies, and even meat alternatives. Full of protein, this soy milk derivative can provide 200 calories with just 100 grams. That is a whole lot of protein if you get it and with this high amount of calories, you should be putting weight in no time.

2. Homemade Granola

Granola bars are popular snacks these days. But the ones available in the market could not be as effective as you think. So we suggest making it at home. Add nuts, raisins, maple syrup, and other healthy sweeteners to make it full of healthy calories and munch on it.

3. Nut And Nut Kinds Of Butter

Not just peanuts but any of the nuts and their butter can have a similar effect on our body with only a small serving providing over 200 calories.  Try it on your smoothies, salads, sandwiches, or maybe as an evening snack.

4. Smoothies

The smoothies are loved by everyone universally and there are plenty of fruits and assortments you could add to it. This means a variety of options to make high calories with nuts, fruits, soy milk, and so on. Additionally, it is easier to consume thanks to its watery base.

5. Avocados

With over 230 calories in it, avocados top this list. They are extremely flexible to be incorporated into foods and are filled with fats that don’t cause cholesterol. No wonder they sell like hotcakes!

6. Quinoa

A healthy replacement for wheat and rice, it can also be used in case you want to be muscular. Not only does it contain over 120 calories in 3 Grams but also are combined with carbs and proteins both of which aid in increasing your girth.

7. Pulses

Beans and pulses are a great source of energy and protein which means you get stronger to spend more time in the gym sculpting the body you always wanted. For those who get bored with monotony, a myriad of options are at your disposal. Flavor your soups, rice, and even fruit mix with the boiled versions.

8. Green peas

When consumed in larger quantities, green peas are known to provide satiety and support in digestion which processes the fats correctly. This results in enhanced muscle support with bone density to withstand a proper body structure.

9. Olive Oil

Now found in most kitchens, olive is the healthiest way to eat fat without risking cholesterol. Not only can cholesterol pose a variety of health risks but it also causes you to develop fat deposits which are hard to lose. Your way is also about weight gain but not the obese one.

10. Sweet Potatoes

Last but not least, like most tubers this one too is carb-rich and should be a great addition to your weight gain meal considering it’s way healthier than a regular potato.

Eating high-calorie vegan foods for weight gain is never a bad idea. But you still have to hit the gym and tone it up. Hire a dietitian or read this blog to get a clear picture.

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