Trisha Yearwood’s Weight Loss Secrets: Check Out Her Diet And Workout Plan!

Trisha Yearwood’s Weight Loss Secrets

In earlier days, models and actresses were the only ones who cared so much about their petite figures and measurements. Since they were in the glam industry, they had to get all their ducks in a row to make a final hit. Now that is not the case. Everybody wants to embrace themselves with a body they have always wished for.

Also gone are those days when singers stick to their recording studios, and now they have to perform in front of a huge crowd. So when country singer Trisha Yearwood’s weight loss news hit the internet, people couldn’t talk about anything but this. Let’s take you through her amazing journey.

Who Is Trisha Yearwood?

Born in Georgia, Trisha has earned a name for herself in the music industry. Specializing in country music, she also has forayed into pop and contemporary tunes. Her career peaked after she released her first album, “Trisha Yearwood” which ended up having multiple hits topping on Billboard charts.

In a career spanning over 31 years, she has also tried her hands at cooking, TV, and movies. She has also earned multiple accolades including American Music Awards, a Daytime Emmy, and multiple Grammy awards. The Academy of country music has also felicitated her multiple times.

How Did She Gain Weight?

Trisha Yearwood’s weight loss was not an easy path to follow. Like most women, Trisha has always struggled with her weight. What didn’t help her case was the prejudice that she belonged to a “genetically and habitually predisposed to be heavy” family. While at times she would reach her desirable weight other times her weight skyrocketed.

According to the singing sensation herself, she tried her hands at dieting with many famous dieting brands but to no avail. This again affected her mental health which adversely worked against her body weight. The vicious cycle continued for a long time and after a point, she couldn’t control what went into her body.

She decided the task of losing weight altogether and her health took a turn for the worse. Trisha also blames her weight gain on her tryst with cooking. Her hobby made her cook delicious foods and then tasting them became an elaborate ritual.

She admitted at one point “It was the challenge of being surrounded by food and the difficulty in resisting temptation.” Moreover, elaborating on the feeling Trisha explained, “I’d put a few extra on top of the 20 pounds I always carried.”

How Did Trisha Yearwood Lose Weight?

Continuing with the cycle, Trisha Yearwood never even dreamt of putting her weight loss plan into action. However, the singer says that something changed after her trip to Haiti in 2012. She had gone to the place to fulfill some philanthropic duties but instead, she caught herself facing her fears and insecurities.

Before losing all of it Yearwood also talks about the period when she had gained a lot thanks to holidays and her over indulgences of cheese and sea salt chocolates. Visiting a country like Haiti made her realize how fortunate she was to have food on the table when some were struggling to keep up with a day’s meal. So in her words, “ I was tired of losing the same few pounds, I felt just do it or shut up about it.”This attitude of hers changed everything for her as now she realized how important mindful thinking is.

Trisha Yearwood’s Diet Plan

Trisha Yearwood’s Diet Plan

Not much is known about what Trisha Yearwood ate to make her weight loss a huge success. However, in a recent interview, she quipped how she started believing in her trainer and took breakfast seriously.

She cut off all the white items including sugar and pasta and stuck to vegetables like cucumbers, sweet potato, cabbage, carrots fruits like grapefruit and apples, and lean protein. Another thing she decided was to cook her own food with low calories, putting a halt to her midnight snacking habit for good. Even when on tours, she kept control of herself and practiced mindful eating which we all know goes a long way.

Trisha Yearwood’s Workout Plan

Trisha Yearwood’s weight loss plan also included a detailed exercise routine. She initially depended on circuit training with the help of her trainer which was no easy way. Cardio and an active lifestyle too made a way into her otherwise sedentary life.

Whatever she ate she decided to sweat it out properly. And then magic happened for her when she found out about Zumba and worked out 3 times a week especially when midnight cravings hit her. She planned her whole routine and then worked for it.

Trisha Yearwood Before And After

Trisha Yearwood before her weight loss plan was a mess. She was a size 14 and never felt happy about the condition she was in. But her big reveal came at the ACM awards where she was complimented for the first time for her figure.

She heard people shouting her name and she felt happy about the way she looked for the very first time. Trisha also said, “ I was trying to be all cool about it(people looking at her) but inside I was jumping up and down.” Losing over 40 pounds this way was not even her plan and hence shook her to the core.

If you can learn anything from Trisha Yearwood’s weight loss story then it would be the fact that nothing can stop you from being who you are. All you need is to find out the right way and work relent

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